Polygon Village Launch (new 2023 format)

Hi Everyone!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new format of Polygon Village :purple_heart:

Village is Polygon’s ecosystem support program, designed to be the place to meet the people, partners, and resources needed to push projects from 0 to (hopefully) the moon.

The initial format will be limited to a few projects, to allow us to fully understand the support needs and refine our procedures.

As Sanket Shah - Polygon Head of Growth - stated,

Polygon vilage is a way for us to help projects building on polygon. Our hope is we do it initially with the few teams, and hope that it can scale itself over time where teams who got the help, can help other such teams.

We are keeping it limited right now, so we can learn faster and build better support system. Last year, the traction was amazing, but we weren’t able to handle the projects. This time, we want to be better prepared to help the teams.

Eventually, we want Polygon to be the chain for community-owned businesses, and Village participants are the biggest beneficiary

The daily life of Polygon Village will take place in the channels of the official Polygon Discord server, where projects will be able to relate to the exponents of the Polygon ecosystem, projects, communities and Polygon teams.

This is the (temporary) link to the Polygon Village submission form

From Friday April 7, we will organize a weekly one hour Office Hour, from 2:00PM UTC.
During this hour projects will be able to receive all the answers to their questions, as well as hear about the new features of the program.

We look forward to your submissions!


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Just completed the form on behalf of NFTEarth!

This sounds like an exciting new initiative…look forward to hearing about next steps.



Hey, the new format of Polygon Village has the potential to create a more active, engaged, and supportive community on the Polygon forum, and provide new projects with the resources they need to succeed on the Polygon ecosystem. Love it


Thanks for posting @Grendel - great initiative for the community


Thank you for posting this! :purple_heart:


Hi, i filled the form about my project.Can you add me for adding topic?

Hey @Grendel !

Was wondering if you may also know the best resource to get in touch with for a token mapped from Mainnet to POS?

It shows with this odd fx prefix and would like to figure out how to get this removed… thank you!

Also… on zkEVM interestingly it worked just fine! :slight_smile:



Hey @Weston.

For token mapping requests and questions, we have a channel on our Discord server.

Feel free to use the link above to join the server and ask any questions there!

Tag me (gioser#6032) if you have any issues onboarding the server etc :slight_smile:

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Awesome, will do and thanks @gioser !

Basically just looking to figure out how to best proceed with Polygon at this point as well; the project is live on Optimism, Arbitrum, POS and zkEVM, but wondering if it would be best to focus just on zkEVM this point.

Will send further info in Discord, thanks again!

Just submitted our proposal for the DeSci Journal, a decentralized science journal :nerd_face: Go DeSci!


Just posted applied for it and posted our project intro :slight_smile:

In order to complete the Village process, you must present the project in the Project Intro category Projects Intro - Polygon Community Forum

Hi @grendel

I joined Polygon village new and shared our project details in forum.Can we make more announcements for us and making more partnerships with other company and projects? Can you help me?

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Exstalis Here!
I just submitted my application and posted on the intro section. Looking forward to hearing from you

Dripps - Life is out there

Hi, did you intro your project in the Polygon Village Project intro category ?

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Hey @Grendel @Sanket_Polygon

Please go through the post by Dennison Bertram, CEO and Co-founder of Tally.xyz

I agree with all these points mentioned in this post & feel polygon village can take lots of learnings & inspiration in creating the best grants committee to support the right projects with long-term focus.


Thanks for sharing the post and for your thoughts!

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