DeSci Journal Intro

Dear Polygon Community,

We are building a new future for science. Your help is dearly appreciated. Together we can make a difference in the way science is done, speeding up scientific knowledge and positively contributing for the advancement of the human society.

Project name | The DeSci Journal

Main use case

The DeSci Journal is a scientific journal where scientists can collaboratively work in the peer-review process, keep their copyright, and share financial gains using smart contracts.

What do we want to solve thanks to this project

Currently, the scientific publication industry hinders the advance of human knowledge. Today, scientific publishing houses and their journals have outrageously high publication fees (2-6k USD/ per paper; some charge 10k USD/ paper), act as filters to what they believe is high quality research worth publishing, use high rejection rates which are uncoupled from merit, significance, and quality, take a long time from submission to publishing, undermining the expectations of the scientific community and the development of human society. As if that weren’t enough, Authors, Reviewers and most Editors do not get paid for working in the peer-reviewing process. Authors pay for publishing, pay for open access and moreover, give away copyright. Universities and Research Institutions pay subscriptions so that alumni and staff have access to journals.

Presentation of the team

Our Genesis Team is currently composed of 8 individuals devoted and active in the movement for the decentralization of science-DeSci. Below, you will find our names, main titles, and links to their Linkedin profiles.

Maria Goreti Freitas PhD. Scientist, ex-FIOCRUZ. Co-Leader of the deScier Genesis Team. Leadership, working in multicultural teams, Fluent in Portuguese (mother language), English and Greek. Lived in UK, the USA and Greece, studying and working for more than 25 years.
Onboarded deScier July 2022 in its inception. Working full time in a macro project of bringing Academia to society since July 2019 when retired from Fiocruz Rio.

Danilo Melo MD. Physician, AI imaging, Sports Medicine. Co-Leader of the deScier Genesis Team. Leadership, Angel investor, scientist, professor, MBAs.
Onboarded deScier August 2022.

Caroline Nunes MSc. Lawyer, Intelectual Property, NFT, web3 influencer. Leader of Leadership, innovative web3 projects, attentive to details, nice to deal with.
Onboarded deScier August 2022.

Daniel Muruci Cruz. Business Administrator, crypto, tokenomics. Guru, networking with digital nomads.
Onboarded a previous science project (SciDAO) on February 2022.

Francisco Carvalho. Business Development guild Leader of deScier. CEO @Blockchain Rio Festival and Realty.Leadership, persistence, resilience, networking, event leader, finding businesses.
Onboarded September 2022 during Blockchain Rio.

Shady El Damaty PhD. Neuroscientist, web3 developer. Leader of Integrations at deScier. International networking, paving opportunities in the DeSci ecosystem in the USA and Europe.
Onboarded July 2022.

Tiago Leandro. Mentor and Strategy Advisor. Leader of the Accelerated Network. Leadership, mentoring, persistence, businesses opportunities, networking.
Onboarded October 2022 during Blockchain Rio.

Jonathan Nunes Boilesen. Financing Leader. Leadership, consulting, accountancy, computing scientist, local networking in Campinas, a place with >40 universities and research centers.
Onboarded January 2023.

Road map

A bit of the past:

  1. July 2022 - SciDAO created as a community for scientific publishing.
  2. October 2022 – Among 4 winners during Blockchain Rio 2022; entered the Accelerated Network.
  3. October 2022 – Participated in the 1st #DeSci Gitcoin crowdfunding where 4k DAI were funded.
  4. November 2022 - Merged with CRO DAO to create deScier.
  5. December 2022 – Created the Discord channel and issued $desci pre-tokens in the Polygon network contract #
  6. January 2023 – Landing page live at
  7. February-April 2023 - Testing MVP. Have been speaking to potential authors about the solution of publishing scientific papers using NFT; understanding needs and features needed; decide for science niches;
  8. March-April 2023 – Call for papers open for the 1st issue of the DeSci Journal.

! The cover of the first issue of the DeSci Journal

what lies ahead

  1. April-May 2023 - Seek for Editors and Reviewers; partner with decentralized science platforms.
  2. April-May 2023 - Decide for privacy ID and reputation building (holonym using zpk, POAPs).
  3. May-July 2023 – Publish NFT science white paper.
  4. July-August 2023 - Validate peer-reviewing payment process based on $desci or % royalties.
  5. August-October 2023 – Develop and implement smart contract(s) with % royalties in the submission and peer-review flow.
  6. October-December 2023 – NFTPs will be arranged in the DeSci Journal. NFTPs can be displayed in marketplaces such as OpenSea.
  7. December 2023- January 2024 – Automate online manuscript submission.

Link to website

Links to social channels



Please support our proposal and help us to create a web3 alternative for scientific publication. Let’s bring back the copyright to its creator. Scientists, as a creator of highly relevant scientific content, must maintain their copyright and be financially compensated while sharing knowledge.

We kindly request to have your help using the power of the community, to leverage the DeSci’ movement momentum, to bring revolutionary projects to life and, to spread the word on how we, together, can completely change the way science is published.

Specific help needed

  1. NFT for scientific articles - devs williing to help in exchange for $desci tokens
  2. UX/ UI for automated online manuscript submission – designers and devs in exchange for $desci tokens
  3. Marketing – promotion and reposting on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
  4. Promotion – spread the word about The DeSci Journal on meetings, talks and presential events
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Much respect for you, I come from a science background & understand all the problem statements you mentioned here. I am excited to see how this goes, let me know if you need any help.

I would recommend applying for the polygon village & I already see Desci is getting some good traction.

Hello @ihsotas! Thank you for your message and support! We’ve just recently applied for the Polygon Village. Waiting for this program to develop :smiley:

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Congrats! Hoping for the best to come!