Polygon community Forum Recap [April 2023]

Hello, forum friends! It’s time for our monthly update, and we couldn’t be more excited to take a look at the latest forum posts with you! :fireworks:

What happened in April?

Highlights of the Month!

  • The PolygonLabs Governance team announced the Bounty Program for PIP Submissions. :money_mouth_face:
  • There is a new Bor v0.3.9-beta Mumbai Release! :computer:
  • The Three Pillars of Polygon Governance-Call for Proposals post sparkles discussions! :eyes:
  • The Village team announces the launch of the new format of the Polygon Village! :rotating_light:


  • There are $40.000 that will be allocated to thoughtful and impactful PIPs in the following year! Read more here.

  • The Three Pillars of Polygon Governance post kickstarted the discussion about governance! Don’t forget to stop by and engage in the ongoing discussions! :purple_heart:

  • The most anticipated launch is here! Polygon Village relaunched with a new format!
    Read all about it here!

PoS Discussions

  • There is a new PIP under the title Increase StateSync Confirmations that addresses the recent reorg.

:point_right: Read all about it and engage in the discussions here.

  • The is a new Heimdall v0.3.3 Mumbai and Mainnet release!

  • A new Dashboard is in town made by the @ValidatorInfo team!
    Check out their latest reports here! :eyes:

  • The transcripts and the video of the latest Polygon Protocol Governance Call are live!

:point_right:Check out the latest Polygon Improvement Proposals and contribute to the ongoing discusions!!

zkEVM Discussions

  • Check out the projects deploying on zkEVM here.

  • Have you deployed on zkEVM? Let the community know on this thread!!

  • The Polygon Miden team has shared the Introduction to Polygon Miden blogspot and is looking for community’s feedback!

That’s the recap for April 2023. We encourage you to explore the discussions taking place in different categories and chime in if you have thoughts, questions, comments, and of course, any proposal ideas.

Thanks for reading! :saluting_face:


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