Showcase your zkEVM dApp!

We are really thrilled to see more and more projects deploying on zkEVM Mainnet Beta.

After receiving numerous requests from the community we are opening this thread so dApps deployed on zkEVM can showcase to the community what they are building!

:rotating_light:If you are a dApp, please reply to the current post with a (brief) description of your project and all the relevant links.

:eyes: Ps. to the zkEVM users.
As highlighted already zkEVM is in Beta so please proceed with caution. The dApps showcased below are not endorsed by the zkEVM team or PolygonLabs.


Antfarm Finance - The DEX that provides Real Yield for LPs

Antfarm is the first DEX& pool optimizer launched on Polygon zkEVM, and one of the few dApp available on Defillama and DeBank for the Polygon zkEVM ecosystem.

Antfarm’s mission is to attract , compensate and retain LPs, maximizing their profits while reducing the risks taken.

Antfarm’s protocol is enhanced by the use of the Antfarm Token (ATF) on each and every pool for the payment of every swap fee, independently from the pair traded.
LPs have access to their collected fees at any time, without impacting the TVL of the pool.
15% of the swap fees will be burned, leading to a steadily growing value of the deflationary token. Tokens can be reinvested and/or compounded . This offers a dual source of revenue for any LPs.

Don’t miss the #zkDeFi wave on Polygon zkEVM, and start earning real yield as an early Liquidity Provider on Antfarm ! :ant:

dApp :
Discord : Antfarm Finance
Twitter :
Telegram : Telegram: Contact @antfarmfinance
Doc / whitepaper :


Hello zkEVM team!

We are building an L2 focused NFT marketplace that is live on zkEVM called NFTEarth!

NFTEarth project info:

We’ve just been accepted to the Google Cloud for Startups program and been granted $200,000 in Cloud Credits to help us scale; and we just need some resources for our devs now to really get moving!


Discord: NFTΞarth
GitHub: NFTΞarth · GitHub


Hey all, just wanted to follow up on this Tweet I just saw, awesome news!

Wanted to see if there was a way to make sure our app to Polygon Ventures was seen for sure essentially as we are still waiting to hear!

But the NFTEarth team was awarded $200,000 from GCP to build on Google’s cloud infra, but is currently in need of short term funding for operational expenses to grow/on-board additional developers - ideally looking to collaborate with Polygon Ventures here.

Any resources would be appreciated!



Its great to see the growing number of projects deploying on zKEVM Mainnet Beta! The community’s enthusiasm is encouraging. If you are a dApp developer and would like to showcase your project on zkEVM, please reply to the current post with a brief description of your project and include all relevant links. please exercise caution when using zkEVM as it is still in the Beta phase. The dApps showcased in the thread are not endorsed by the zkEVM team of polygonlabs, so its esstensial to do your own research and understand the associated risks.