Polygon community Forum Recap [July 2023]

Hello, forum friends!
It’s time for our monthly update, and we couldn’t be more excited to take a look at the latest forum posts with you! :fireworks:

What happened in July!

Highlights of the Month!

  • There Indore Hard Fork has successfully passed! :computer:
  • The Third Pillar of Governance: Community Treasury is out! :eyes:
  • PIP-14 which was proposing an increase to the Checkpoint Buffer Time has successfully passed! :nerd_face:


  • :rotating_light: This is your monthly reminder that there are $40.000 that will be allocated to thoughtful and impactful PIPs in the following year! Read more here!

  • The Third Pillar of Governance: Community Treasury, concludes the Pillars of Polygon Governance. The post takes a deep look at the importance of blockchain-based Public Goods and their necessity in achieving long-term sustainability and growth of the ecosystem.
    Using as a starting point the proposed whitepaper for POL, which introduces the concept of the Community Treasury, the post explores the different approaches when it comes to fund distributions looking into a variety of DAOs and organizations. :purple_heart:

PoS Discussions

:rotating_light:Check out the latest Polygon Improvement Proposals and contribute to the ongoing discusions!!

zkEVM Discussions

  • Check out the projects deploying on zkEVM here.
  • Have you deployed on zkEVM? Let the community know in this thread!

Introducing a new initiative: Validator Spotlight!

A series of fortnightly AMAs and blog posts that will cover the day-to-day operations of validating a public, decentralized protocol.
These sessions will shine a light on Validators and their footprint in the industry. This month we kicked it off with @ProtonGam-Validator!

:eyes: Next up: @bountyblok-Validator.

That’s the recap for July 2023. We encourage you to explore the discussions taking place in different categories and chime in if you have thoughts, questions, comments, and of course, any proposal ideas.

Thanks for reading! :saluting_face:


Thanks for the monthly update. Love all that’s happening at Polygon. These series of fortnightly AMAs are very informative. I plan to attend the next one.