Heimdall v0.3.3 - Mainnet Release

Hello all,

We are releasing a new version of Heimdall - v0.3.3 for Mainnet and Testnet

Instructions to Upgrade

Before proceeding, please create a backup of your heimdall config.toml.

  1. Stop heimdalld service

    sudo service heimdalld stop
  2. Install Heimdall with a version tag, network name (mainnet or mumbai), and node type (sentry or validator).

    # Replace the network and node type
    curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/maticnetwork/install/main/heimdall.sh | bash -s -- v0.3.3 <network> <node_type>
  3. Check heimdall version

    /usr/bin/heimdalld version
    # It should print 
    # 0.3.3
  4. Restart heimdall service

    sudo service heimdalld start

Change log

Compared to last stable version v0.3.2 , the following features and improvements have been implemented.

  • PR template for heimdall
  • Support for OpenTelemetry Collector to allow developers to trace multiple functions and send traces to observability dashboards like Datadog, Jaeger etc.
  • Changes to heimdalld folder, So that heimdall process can be started from other services/scripts by using NewHeimdallService as a constructor method to start the process and GetHeimdallApp to get the heimdall app object in external services
  • Removed code dependency on bor repo
  • Integration of security tools such as govuln, snyk and sonarqube
  • Updated packager for binutils
  • Flag to turn on/off self-healing process (disabled by default)
  • Minor improvements
  • Version bump

Docker Images

You can find the latest docker images here:

Heimdall: https://hub.docker.com/r/0xpolygon/heimdall/tags


Polygon Team