Stasis Network Intro

Hello Polygon Village,

My team and I are building an improved system of automated passive income on Polygon. Stasis Network is an ecosystem on a mission to enhance deflationary protocols for DeFi. Led by a professional and experienced team, Stasis is a Smart Network for Smart Users. DeFi’s antiquated zero-sum game theory and race to the bottom is an abject failure. Intelligent users need trusted projects, with long term potential and business-first entrepreneurship.

Currently, we are building in the dark. The dApp and contracts are in multiple stages of development. We plan on launching publicly in May with a complete product. We’ll begin pitching privately in late April. I will also be in Austin, TX for Consensus 2023 if anyone wants to connect. You can check out the website landing page and follow the Twitter account for future updates.


Can we make a suggestion in regards to how the order of the projects the way they are being released? The reason i say that is Dummy projects provides almost with the perfect tool to begin building this network. Then if the Network is built in tandem with each project, we are building an ecosystem that can be used for more than just gaming. NFTs can be used as the game avatars, and it would be maybe more intensive to the audience if they get to build the game and dictate which directions it takes. And them have the games split off yet still be avatar interactable so there is always a purpose and way to let the ecosystem die out and keep the use case going.


Excited to see your launch, are you going to build this on Polygon Zk? Also, is your team info public? would like to also know if the code is going to be open source?

Hi ihsotas!

We are building on Pylgon PoS mainnet. Our team is fully doxxed; that information will be shared with our public brand launch on May 15th. I’ve been in crypto 9 years and have personally done several on-camera meetings with the Polygon team directly so they can vouch that we are very real. :slight_smile:

I believe our code will be open source and audited. Talking with Certik and SolidityScan now for security. It is a fork of a close partner project of ours that has been live for a year. It has performed very well; Binance Labs said that it is their second best-performing token on all of BSC over the last year. We’re bringing a similar product to the Polygon community with some key optimizations and new features, as well as a very clear brand narrative.

Happy to chat more about Stasis. Feel free to reply here or reach out to be at or on Discord/Telegram at @PeasantForHire



My personal thoughts don’t trust Certik, they are not reliable lately. I would like to use the product & share the feedback, pinging you on telegram.