Polygon Village Launch (new 2023 format)

Hi, We submitted our polygon submission from https://Gall3ry.io on 22/05. How do we check the status? Any email / contacts or website to us to follow up?

@Grendel we need to have the dashboard for this I guess

Hi, after submitting to Polygon Village, projects receive an email. In order to being validated, it is necessary to follow all the steps indicated:

4. Next Steps

  1. Join the Polygon Discord server Discord
  2. Verify your Discord account
  3. Go to the channel #︱start and pick the “Business” role
  4. Go to the Polygon Village Category, then the #︱welcome channel
  5. Follow the instructions in the #︱welcome channel
  6. Present yourself in the #︱intro channel
  7. Present your project on the Village Forum

You completed steps from 1 to 6 but did not introed your project in the forum.


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