Zinar - Borrow Loans using your NFT

Zinar NFT is an NFT Lending and Staking Oracle built on the Polygon network. We enable NFT holders borrow loans against their assets, or earn passive income by staking it.

Project description

If you buy an NFT today, there is no way to liquidate it immediately. You have to place it on auction and hope someone buys it at a higher price. Most NFT projects don’t survive up to 6 months, because there’s no liquidity or any usecase for the NFT. This has to stop.

NFTs can no longer be solely speculative assets without inherent value. Holders of an NFT should have an idea what the market price should be, and should be able to use the asset as collateral to access loans, or earn passive income on the asset.

That’s why we are building Zinar NFTs. The aim is to:

  1. Create a new NFT class called Asset Backed NFTs (ABNs)

  2. These NFTs would be backed by real life items, which have utility. It can be backed by REITs, equities, precious metals, real estate, jewelry, mortages and other securities.

  3. Users can easily access loans, based on the value of the assets backing the NFT. For instance, if an NFT is backed by a $1M watch, the holder can access a loan of up to $800k. In case of default, the underlying asset is liquidated.

  4. Users can stake these NFTs to earn rewards in ZinaX Token. This rewards is based on the profit performance of the underlying asset. Eg, if the underlying asset generates rent, the dividends from the rent is dished out in ZinaX as staking rewards.

Current status of the project

  • Dapp Demo built using React
  • Smart Contract stress tested by the community Mumbai Testnet
  • Smart contract audit undergoing ( by Techrate)


  • August 2022 - Smart contract audit
  • September 2022- Launch Whitelist bidding for the Zinar NFT Gold-Backed Collection
  • September 2022 - Launch Zinar NFT
  • November 2022- Launch Zinar NFT Springboard and allow other projects create Asset backed NFTs
  • *December 2022- Launch staking and lending oracles

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