Vote for the Bounty, Round 2!

GM Polygon Community!

What an eventful Round 1 of the Vote for the Bounty Competition that was!

The round concluded on Sunday the 21st after an extension was given due to some technical difficulties some participants encountered! More than 70 unique PolygonDAO members have voted for their favorite project!

Congrats to Zinar, Satyug, Imaginary, and Polygon Alliance, for progressing to Round 2! :rocket:

The Round is planned to begin on Tuesday (23/08) at 14:00 GMT and will last until Sunday (28/08) at 14:00 GMT!

I already have the feeling that this round will be :fire: since the winners will guarantee some of our awesome prizes!

The brackets for Round 2 are:

Zinar vs Polygon Alliance

Satyug vs Imaginary

But it is not only the projects that will be winning! By voting, you have a (big) chance to win one of the 1000 available packs of merch! The more you vote, the higher your odds of winning!!

So, what are you waiting for? Go, vote for your favorite project!


Amazing, congrats to everyone involved in first round! It’s very exciting to see this amount of participation. Good luck to everyone in round 2 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: