Polygon Alliance - Learn, Grow, Support

Founded by champions of the Polygon ecosystem, we are a huge community of over 120 Polygon projects. Our vision is for Polygon projects to work together to make each other stronger, help each other grow and make Polygon the number 1 destination for NFTs and DeFi.

Our Purpose:

We unite Polygon projects to work together to help each other grow. To facilitate this, we created the Polygon Alliance community. In being part of the community, members are able to network and collaborate, share resources, find jobs, learn and support each other. We provide free resources in our Discord server and on our website. These include channels dedicated to dev support, bridging guides, marketing tutorials and more.

Polygon Alliance was started as a place for project owners to network and collaborate. We have specific channels to help with all aspects of starting, running and growing a project on Polygon.
Furthermore, we have expert advisors on hand to answer any questions relating to NFTs, DeFi, P2E and the Metaverse.

Our focus is on ensuring that all projects have access to expert advice, a positive and supporting community and resources to help them grow.

How we benefit the community:

  • By joining our free community, projects have access to a network of over 120 Polygon projects (and growing).

  • Listing on our website and given a dedicated channel in Discord which they can run as their own mini community.

  • Promoted via our network of social media profiles and community events.

  • Use of our professionally made tutorials.

  • Sell their own merchandise via our website.

  • Have their contracts checked by our devs.

Current/projected users:

3000+ followers on Twitter
1000+ Discord members

We aim for a steady growth over the year and with a target of 10,000 combined followers by EOY.

Project Roadmap/Strategy:

  • Continue member growth via daily Twitter spaces, community events and through educating about the benefits of Polygon.

  • Implement ‘learning zone’ to Polygon Alliance website. This will feature instructional material aimed at on-boarding new users to the Polygon chain.
    We will feature high quality video content and step-by-step guides.

  • Further develop the Polygon Alliance platform to include a forum, blog and creator tools.

Team members:

Beluga Bay: Polygon Community Advocate. Founder of Beluga Bay NFT.
Creative Owls: Creator of Polygon showcase. Metaverse architect.
Nickels: Polygon DAO Contributor, Analyst and Technical Advisor.
Gravity_D: Founder of Gravity Finance.
Codedcarbs: Founder of Squids and Eno the lost NFT projects. Co-head of charity for Polygon Alliance.
HiCeeCee: Polygon Community leader, artist, writer and metaverse creator. Co-head of charity.

Project Socials:



  • Combined 40k+ Twitter followers across official Polygon Alliance account and founder accounts.
  • Hosted numerous community events including Ukraine charity auction, F Cancer auction, and the NFT mega giveaway.
  • 5,200 unique visitors and $1410 raised in the Ukraine auction & 845 unique visitors and $2760 raised in the F Cancer auction.
  • Grew member projects to 120+ and Discord users to 1000+ within 3 months.
  • Implemented a bridge and taught countless users how to get started on Polygon.
  • Booked to present at numerous conferences in 2022.

Excited to start to share our vision a little more. This Bounty comp has kicked a more defined pitch deck into action with an accompanying Road map . Formed on the 28th December 2021 and we have already achieved some incredible things. The things coming over the next few months are going to add more and more value for a community of artists, builders, creators, collectors and projects.

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Thank you for sharing this ! :purple_heart::rocket:


Great project! I hope this one keeps progressing.

I didn’t know about the projects’ dedicated channels on the discord server. When will that start working?


We had those channels at the start, but because of the large growth we ended up with over 120 projects channels. It became very cluttered so we decided that they could use our website instead!

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I see. Thanks for clarifying that!

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