Polygon Staking Report. March 2023 (By Validator.Info)

Hey there Polygon community! We’ve gathered some interesting blockchain data to share with you. Here are the top 5 Polygon validators ranked by total stake as of Apr 1, 23:

  1. Luganodes - 424.68m MATIC
  2. Binance - 352.14m MATIC
  3. Coinbase Cloud - 239.48m MATIC
  4. Web3Nodes Validator - 223.36m MATIC
  5. Vault Staking - 222.88m MATIC

We’re thrilled to announce the top 5 Polygon validators who experienced the biggest staking gains in the past month! Congratulations to them:

  1. Republic Crypto / Source +32.12m MATIC
  2. Blockdaemon +15.20m MATIC
  3. Coinbase Cloud +9.98m MATIC
  4. Kiln x Ownest +8.70m MATIC
  5. Luganodes +3.70m MATIC

Good job guys keep it up!

Let’s also give congrats to the top 5 Polygon validators who increased their delegator count the most during the past month:

  1. StakePool +117 delegators
  2. Everstake +103 delegators
  3. Stake.Works +73 delegators
  4. ANON LowFee +43 delegators
  5. EMC2 Node +35 delegators

Well done!

Sad, but not all changes were positive. Here are the 5 Polygon validators that had the biggest decrease in staking amount:

  1. Allnodes -50.92m MATIC
  2. Staked -20.45m MATIC
  3. Everstake -10.98m MATIC
  4. stake.fish -5.00m MATIC
  5. Binance Node -3.29m MATIC

Lastly, here are the 5 Polygon validators who had the most delegator losses during the past month.

  1. Blue Ocean -18 delegators
  2. Infosys -14 delegators
  3. Kiln x Ownest -13 delegators
  4. Blocks United -9 delegators
  5. Hounddog Streaming -8 delegators

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