Bor Analytics for Missed Blocks - World Premiere

Hello, Polygon community!

We’re thrilled to introduce a new, exclusive feature for Bor block analytics. For the first time ever, you can monitor and analyze real-time performance data of Bor nodes for every active Polygon validator.


This comprehensive tool provides insights on block producers, missed blocks, block reward amounts, burned fee stats, and much more – all in a user-friendly interface. This Bor block analytics feature enhances the already rich selection of Polygon statistics available since our launch.

We are passionate about Polygon, and this initiative is our way of contributing to its ecosystem. We encourage you to share this with fellow Polygon enthusiasts and developers. Our goal is to make this the go-to platform for detailed information on each Polygon validator.

Please feel free to suggest any additional features that could make this project even more valuable to the community. We’re always open to feedback and ideas!

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