Polygon DAO & EthNYC - June 24th-26th 2022

Polygon DAO is thinking about the opportunity to present what has been achieved to date and its roadmap in an extremely visible context such as ETH NYC, between 24 and 26 June 2022.

Polygon DAO, as well as the entire Polygon ecosystem and the DAO environment, is constantly evolving.

The launch of Polygon Village is just the beginning of the path to support the projects that want to build with and on Polygon, a path that will see the expansion of forms of support, mentorship and partnership.

Alongside Polygon Village, Polygon DAO will soon launch many initiatives in favor of communities and the onboarding of the many interested in Web3.

Polygon DAO, however, is not the mere sum of a DAO grant and a DAO community; it is something new in the DAO landscape.

Escaping from the standard categorisations, the Polygon DAO presents itself as an Ecosystem DAO, the place suited for the meeting between all those who work, invest, live on the chain and between all the projects built on Polygon.

The DAO aspiration is not only to be a meeting point, but also the place where new ideas are forged and new projects launched, in the context of a progressive and constant delegation and decentralization.

The new technological tool to be able to implement this decentralization and the related new governance is called Polygon ID, a sovereign identity wallet based on ZK proof - which guarantees total anonymity and security.

However, the developments of Polygon DAO do not stop at the support for projects, the community drive, the implementation of a new governance and the progressive decentralization of the ecosystem itself.

For the ecosystem to be alive and active, it is necessary to continuously interact with more and more partners, creating the foundations and sowing the seeds of new projects and innovative programs.

The best place to meet new partners are conferences:

We need your help for the organization of a fantastic event during EthNYC :purple_heart:

Polygon DAO is therefore asking everyone to submit their suggestions and ideas to make this presentation engaging and stellar.

We look forward to your ideas and feedback!


Polygon DAO has produced some pathbreaking initiatives which should be highlighted.

  1. Highlighting with use case example why Polygon DAO is a unique DAO with unique initiatives through implementation of new governance and progressive decentalization. I truly believe the Polygon ID which guarantees total anonymity and security is a revolutionary step.

  2. Highlighting the grants with analytics on how the DAO has supported the dapps . If we have grantees participating in the EthNyc we should collaborate to get the word out. Polygon Village initiative, Accelerator program should be highlighted.

  3. If possible sharing what more to come and we can expect.

NYC is considered as a hub of Crypto Currency so the participation expected will be crypto enthusiasts, projects and investors.

I am supper excited of Polygon DAO participation in EthNYC. You all rock!!!


I think this is a great idea! I think we may have a community steward or two that may be able to represent!

Is it a 30 or a 60 minute presentation? My suggestions would be to share our long term vision about what we want to accomplish, and how our support systems help us move the dial towards those ambitions by lifting the community up.

Maybe we could reserve some seats somewhere for dinner/hangout?


Hi @Grendel, I agree with both the ideas given by @CoachViking and @bubli.eth1. We need to show a clear picture to the audience and everyone present, why someone must join our DAO, and the forum as well. Also, We need to convince or advertise that what are the benefits one will receive as an individual or as a group contributor.


Great idea @Grendel.

I truly believe that as a DAO we should be present in all of the big crypto conferences, meeting with the people behind all the projects we support, the individuals that are active contributors in our DAO, networking, connecting, and exchanging ideas with the builders of the space, and more importantly showing the community what they are missing if they are not already a member of the PolygonDAO.
Our strength is in the initiatives we have taken in order to assist and empower the Polygon community and in my opinion, this is what we should showcase.

  1. Present our vision for the DAO and its governance (meaning the PolygonID).
  2. The number of projects that have been funded by the previous grants and with the current structure (Polygon Village) and if possible some milestones that all these projects were able to achieve with the funding from the DAO.
  3. As well of course, with all these great things that are coming up, showcasing to everyone regardless of them being an individual or a project why they MUST be a part of what we are creating.
    Let them feel the FOMO!

’d reframe this a bit and suggest we don’t want to cram stats, brag, and put people to sleep.

While we want to highlight accomplishments the focus and priority should be on the support and lifts we’re giving people, not so much the chest beating around our stats. Comes across distasteful to see braggy presentations


This is fantastic to see new polygon tech like Polygon ID being adopted. In addition to what @bubli.eth1 and @gioser.eth mentioned, we could also take advantage of opportunities like creating/curating some documentation for a simple walkthrough of Polygon ID integration and how DAO makes it easier for anyone developing on Polygon to Grow with the initiatives like village and share their work with Polygon.


Some ideas that I’m having now, some of them to make the event more fun

In the part of the Polygon Village we can have a video recap of what we have done so far. Numbers of grants, vouchers, AMAs…

We could probably highlight the efforts or initiatives that Polygon is doing to become carbon neutral this year or other social responsibility initiatives. These always have a positive impact in the perception that people have of an organisation and it is a selling point to chose Polygon over other chains.

Then we could have a photo booth so people can take fun pics with filters and then we can post it in twitter as a reminder of the event”? Or at least a selection of pics or a video. Or people tagging Polygon DAO in twitter, this will bring social media engagement.

We could have some painters doing a painting during the event. Or graffiti artists?
People like watching people creating something…
Then a DJ while we do the socialising bit.


This sounds like a great opportunity to spread the word about what we’re doing here. Will the presentation have visual assets or video? Perhaps there are some grantees that could make a short video about their experience working with us or some useful audiogram clips from past interview sessions?


Yeah, I’m sure we will have audiovisual equipment… so this is an excellent idea too.


This is a great idea too!


This is awesome!!

I think that you should definitely talk about the connection that polygon and the DAO have with the builders and developers. Polygon has always been about the developer and making their job easier. So talking about the connection with the builders that the DAO helps cultivate.

Also maybe touching on some successful projects that have come through the DAO might be beneficial as well.


This Definitely is a nice addition that we could do to prove context to what DAO is up to these days, and posting/covering events that could also be a nice addition.


What’s the relationship between Polygon ID and the official Polygon partner Everest ID?

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Hey @Grendel ,

Thank you for taking this initiative. This really resonates with me & i absolutely love this method of open communication with the dao. We are all Polygondao & we need to keep this conversation going. I love this open & well considered feedback.

Our co-founder’s mission of onboarding 1 billion users to web3 can be achieved only if we can “ATTACH OUR FACES” (ie) by meeting people in real life & leverage it to engage with our audience & build trust with the dao. And one of the biggest facilitators in achieving this goal is by participating in conferences & IRL events where you get to build loyal & rewarding long term relationships with builders, influencers, thought leaders & other prospects. We can introduce our new initiatives to a captive & highly engaged audience. Not building a rapport with your audience is one of the biggest pitfalls we can dig for ourselves.

I see Polygon HQ participating in many conferences (rightly so) but Polygondao is not represented everywhere. Our DAO’s presence is miniscule. Steps should be taken to ensure that Polygondao too is being represented adequately in “ALL” IRL events across “ALL” geographies.

Organic growth through in-person real life events needs a lot of patience. But , when it works, it will blow your freaking mind. I don’t know who needs to hear this but establishing a strong community/dao is the king of all marketing tips in web3.

       Tesla sells status, not cars.
       Nike sells motivation, not shoes.
       Amul sells childhood, not diary.
 The best dao sells emotions,not tokens.

Community / Dao is not all about selling a product. It’s about making people buy the product(narrative) you sell. This can only be achieved by a community based Dao. The best kind of marketing shouldn’t feel like marketing. And this too can only be best achieved by a dao alone.

Following are my ideas to make this particular event a stellar one :-

1.) Multiple standee with Polygondao branding at a strategic locations across the venue.

2.) The conference should be broadcast live as well as a recorded podcast should be uploaded the same day. Attendees tend to watch once they reach home/rooms.

3.) One partnered post from Polygondao sent to all registered participants. This can be used to promote Polygondao’s new initiatives, releases, features, vision & mission for the entire ecosystem.

4.) Flyer/ booklet insert from Polygondao in the branded delegate bag issued to all participants as a part of the conference merchandise.

5.) A huge monstrous helium filled big balloon with Polygondao logo to be rope tied & flown into the air above the conference venue.

6.) One email to all participants during & one after the event is over. List can be sourced from the event organisers.

7.) Exclusive branded merchandise will be giveaways for all on-site attendees. Or a quick interesting yet simple crypto quiz near the entrance & winners be rewarded with exclusive branded merchandise as giveaways.

8.) High visibility branding for polygondao at the offsite event by the swimming pool or beach if any (outside the conference venue) where majority participants are expected to flock. For context:- During @ethdenver, ppl thronged to skiing places after working hours. This should be out target area.

9.) Gyms don’t try to sell you “fat loss” , they sell you the hope of losing fat. Hope & fomo is a very strong emotion. I agree with @gioser.eth on this. Stress should be given to highlight this.

We must ensure that we create world beating dao that is built to last. And and and, for that to happen, steps should be taken to ensure that Polygondao is represented in “ALL” IRL events & conferences to achieve our collective mission of onboarding a billion users to web3.


Thanks for that Derby, very well spoken with some great ideas to get eyes AND ears on the DAO.
That level of enthusiasm is exactly why PolygonDAO will be succesful.
I particularly like your ideas on the broadcast and podcast because that could also be turned into great short form content between IRL events.


They are two identity solutions and I don’t think right now there is not a relationship between them

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Even though Polygon has an internal investment team, I think it would be great to build networks with VCs. I spoke with one of my contacts (head of platforms) in the web3 VC space, and he said he would be happy to collaborate with Polygon DAO to help us scope projects with great potential. A win-win situation.

For VC: They know the projects and are comfortable in investing in them after seeing their journey of milestones through Polygon DAO (Polygon Village / Accelerator)

For Polygon: Having increased number of quality projects coming on board.


I love the idea, It will be amazing to present Polygon DAO and as you said the new approach that its taking.

TBH i think there are many things that polygon can present in the in EthNYC… All part of the polygon ecosystem is unique somehow… but the top ones that i believe are most important one are Polygon DAO, Polygon Village and Polygon ID… im sure other parts of the ecosystem need to be presented too but these three are top priorities imo…


I love all of this! I agree with everyone here… I think we should use these opportunities to showcase our Village projects. At the end of the day the goal is to get more projects building on Polygon, so let’s show them why the should do so, by highlighting the growth and achievements of some of our projects. Not to mention it will be a good opportunity for them to connect with potential investors. Also really like the Polygon ID idea! I agree with everyone in that we should show how it can be used within DAO governance. It also might be good to just show other ways in which ID can be used, with the goal of getting developers excited for the potential of building their own products utilizing this ID tool. Last thing I wanted to throw out there was to get Polygon Studios involved somehow, especially considering how big this branch is within the Polygon ecosystem.