This week in the DAO w18

May 7th to 13th

  • Balancer lectured at our Village talks spaces on Thursday talking about Tokenomics and how to think when launching your own token. We had four interesting projects pitching their apps, Dreamer, Blocktickets, Adlunam and Nexity. For this week’s spaces we had a total of 950 people listen in over 2 sessions. (based of spaces data)

  • We added 4 partners for our second month of the voucher program, we see continued tracktion with projects interested in working with Polygon DAO to reach builders at an early stage! Welcome, Quillhash, Coinbooks, Finity and Filecoin!

  • We closed the applications for our May grants, liquidity and voucher lines with over 150 projects submitting their applications, reviews are progressing well and on schedule

  • Established a new communications team to further improve how we can provide value to all projects reaching out to the Village program

  • Polygon DAO grantee Sunflower Farm launched their token for trading with our partners Quickswap, after a very successful beta the token is now tradeable. Polygon DAO and Quickswap are looking into how we further can support Sunflower Farm tokens with possible incentives.


  • Polygon DAO held a side event during Spaghetti.eth where we presented the Polygon village concept, had a lecture on web3 law and the PolygonID team had a very appreciated presentation. Thank you to all participants!

  • Socials grew with 8% last week with a total growth in the last four week of 47%, we keep improving our internal process to sustain growth and support both internal and external teams with visibility

  • Polygon DAO launched a proposal on the forums to gauge the community interest and support for the DAO to visit ETH NYC. The proposal have gained positive feedback from the community!

  • We granted funds to the Mega Cube event!

  • Marco speaks during an University event Milano to promote Blockchain and the Polygon DAO

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Polygon DAO has taken initiatives supporting the Polygon Ecosystem in growing. Polygon Village is an initiative providing grants and vouchers, Expert Talks to get experts in Web3 to educate our community and beyond, Village Talks where we bring leads of various initiatives that matter to the community and beyond , Accelerator program which will provide support beyond grant and vouchers for the projects to build and grow, Grantee AMA to give visibility to the projects.

Join us for Village Talks every Tuesday and Expert Talk every Thursday.

There are many more initiatives at work watch out for our forum posts.


Hey @TommyOlofsson ,

Thanks for your efforts in bringing up this post. It’s heartening to see the multiple initiatives being taken by Polygon towards advancing the concept of blockchain. At a time, where everyone is scaling back due to market conditions, Polygon is scaling up & supporting builders in every which way.

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Wow this is great, all teams are going strong!


This is incredible, and the value that we gave with the events being arranged and social statistics is simply outstanding.