Polygon community Forum Recap [February 2023]

Hello there, forum friends! It’s time for our second update, and we couldn’t be more excited to share all the latest and greatest news with you!

So get ready to buckle up and hold on tight, because we’re about to take you on a ride that you won’t forget! :fireworks:

What happened in February?

Highlights of the Month!

  • There were 3 new Polygon Improvement Proposals (PIPs) :partying_face:
  • The new Polygon Website is LIVEEE :eyes:
  • The zkEVM Mainnet Beta launch is set for the 27th of March :fire:


PoS Discussions

  • PIP - 1 & PIP- 8 were introduced by @H_Rook and @Mateusz. Introducing a comprehensive framework for the community to give feedback and help shape the future of Polygon!
    :point_right: Read the blog post and the proposals, explore the Github and get involved in the process!
  • The PIP - 9, which suggests keeping the Performance Benchmark at the current level of 95%, was approved by the PoS Validators through voting.
  • Interesting discussions keep on taking place on the Blocks Monitoring Proposal, introduced by @StakePool. Check them out and give your feedback!

zkEVM Discussions

  • The zkEVM team has announced the launch of the zkEVM Mainnet Beta launch on the 27th of March
  • The team also announced the final, audit-upgraded testnet for Polygon zkEVM!!

That’s the recap for February 2023. We encourage you to explore the discussions taking place in different categories and chime in if you have thoughts, questions, comments, and of course, any proposal ideas.

Thanks for reading! :purple_heart: