zkEVM Final Testnet - Updates 20230111-UI

Posting here an important update from our UI team: Elias has shared this update.

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that today we deployed a new version of the Bridge UI which fixes some important bugs mostly related to ERC-20 tokens:

  1. Incorrectly inferring when a token was native or wrapped and therefore computing incorrect token addresses.
  2. Fixing the lack of support for different tokens that share the same address, one in L1 and the other in L2.
  3. Wrongly selecting the addresses of L2 native tokens when initiating a bridge. The error happened when checking the allowance and doing the approval/permit.
  4. Enable permit for DAI
  5. Increase claim gas limit to support new tokens deployment on L2

I’ve just finished checking everything in public and looks good! Thanks @Jesus Ligero for spotting some of the bugs and @Alex Monso for fixing them