Where can I learn about the purpose of this forum?

Hey folks!

I thought that it was a community forum for Polygon users, DAO participants, and Ecosystem products. Simply like all other forums.

I don’t wanna break any rules as much as to be discriminated :sweat_smile:

Could anyone help me to get some clarifications

  1. Could you please point me to docs or article that describes the purpose of this forum?
  2. And who is the community lead at Polygon and what is his / her vision for community?

– father

Hi @colonyfather. Thank you for your post!

As for your questions, you can read the Moderation Policy document that is in the Announcements section to get a rough idea about the purpose of the forum and some other useful resources.

@CoachViking is the Community Stewards Lead on the PolygonDAO side. However, our vision for the community is collective and it is framed inside the DAO, through the various events and interactions of the DAO participants.
We are holding Onboarding sessions twice a month, where you can join and learn more about the DAO and the community side of things.
(Of course, that doesn’t mean that we should stop the discussion here! :slight_smile: )