Moderation Policy

Welcome to the Polygon Governance Forum

As we create and navigate the Web3 world, we should learn from the old ways of conducting community discourse in the town square as we build out digital equivalents.

With decentralised governance still in its nascent form, what is needed to propel us forward is precise, good-faith communication and well thought-out discussion of complex technical concepts.

Below we detail our strategy of how we want to create a virtual space that promotes compassion, respect, integrity, collaboration and transparency.

Polygon Community Moderation

The teams at Polygon and Polygon DAO believe a moderation policy is necessary as a guiding force to aid and facilitate healthy community discourse.

We believe that decentralised governance has the capability to coordinate our ecosystem in a robust and fluid manner as long as it follows best practices on effective communication.

In order to enable participation in community governance on a relatively even playing field, it is encouraged that all newcomers to the space read this policy along with these accompanying documents:

Having read the above, all that participate will have reached a good understanding of our community standards, rules and the basic principles of decentralised governance as it relates to the Polygon ecosystem.

Community Channels

This governance forum is intended for well thought out, in-depth discussion of ideas, problems and solutions.

So that we can scale as a community, it is encouraged that we all use the correct communication channels for their respective purposes:

Rules and Behaviour Standards

This policy is designed to provide a primer on our culture and how we should all conduct ourselves within the community. This will act as a neutral reference point for any internal conflict resolution as well as to act as a deterrence mechanism against toxicity.

We hope that this moderation can act as a mutually agreed upon set of guidelines and rules that will provide a neutral foundation for us to incubate our governance community. It should be noted that ALL members of the community, no matter their position, are bound by this policy.

The following details an initial ruleset that will be moderated and enforced upon all proceeding community activities:

Behaviour That We Encourage in our Community:

  • Practice empathy and kindness towards others. This will foster a space in which people feel comfortable contributing.
  • Give kudos generously to those who deserve it. Encourage your fellow community members on their good deeds and work.
  • Respect differing opinions, viewpoints, and experiences. Engaging in healthy disagreement will allow for organic self-correction over time.
  • Keep feedback constructive. Try not to attack arguments with emotional responses and keep criticism polite.
  • Take responsibility for your actions. Admit mistakes and learn from your experience.
  • It is important that you correctly label your posts by category and subcategories. The Polygon Ecosystem encompasses a large range of scaling solutions so your post must find its rightful place amongst them.
  • Please flag and do not respond to any content that meets the criteria in the following list;

Behaviour That Will Not Be Accepted:

The behaviours below have been divided into their respective enforcement categories

  • Trolling, ad hominem attacks, insults and derogatory comments. Be polite and respectful at all times.
  • Harassment of any kind.
  • Posting sexual content.
  • Doxing community members’ private information. We at Polygon respect community members’ rights to contribute anonymously.
  • Spam or intentionally posting advertisements that have no relation to the Polygon community, or are intended to be harmful.
  • Support request should be directed to Support : Polygon Support. The topic should then be unlisted to reduce clutter.
  • Malicious links that include malware, phishing and impersonation.
  • Racism.

Upon the commencement of this policy, moderators commit themselves to enforce these principles to our community in an impartial manner and in line with the Enforcement Process set out below.

Enforcement process

  1. Warning

Cause: A violating incident or series of incidents.

Effect: A warning containing consequences for ongoing inappropriate behaviour. Continued violations of these terms may lead to a temporary or permanent ban.

  1. Temporary Ban

Cause: A serious violation of community standards, including sustained inappropriate behaviour.

Effect: A temporary ban from any sort of interaction or public communication with the Community for a specified period of time.To be decided at the discretion of the moderator dealing with the infraction.

  1. Permanent Ban

Cause: Demonstrating a pattern of violation of community standards including sustained inappropriate behaviour, Individual harassment, aggression, or negativity towards classes or individuals.

Effect: Permanent removal from any sort of interaction or public communication with the Community. The duration shall be determined on a case-by-case basis and communicated according to our community guidelines

Wanting to further your understanding of the Polygon Ecosystem?

So, you are now primed to start contributing to the Polygon community forum. Congratulations!

It is now time for you to take the next step and get into the technical details of the Polygon Ecosystem.

We hope the below will give you a good start, however, should you have any questions, please contact the Polygon team via our discord channel.

Technical Documentation:


How to Contribute


What Is Polygon

Who Is a Validator

Who Is a Delegator

What Is Proof of Stake


Getting Started


Integrate with Polygon