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Satyug is a craftily designed (using Unreal Engine 5) SuperApp + AAA Game, using extraordinary incentive Models and in-Game Assets with Real World Utilities in the field of Religion and Spirituality and eventually forming a Sat(oshi)Yug Network State.

Organization Name / Project Name / Foundation Name / DAO*:

Satyug Labs/ Satyug/ Satyug Foundation/ Satyug DAO

Brief project/proposal description
Thesis around Satyug ✒️

We strongly Believe that the Next wave of Crypto adoption will not be through NFT’s or DeFi, it will be about Politics.

Yeah you heard it right, that’s what the next Crypto boom looks to us (when Bitcoin starts to become a threat to Democracy) and DAO’s become a New Singular Mission 100% democratic style of Governance way-forward

Sat in Sanskrit means “Right & Truthful” and Yug means “Period of Time”

You may also call it Sat(oshi)yug - The Right Period of Time post HyperBitcoinization of the World, which is just a matter of Time. ⏳⌛

For us it’s the most Important Mission of Cryptocurrencies (after Bitcoin of course ), i.e. The Creation of a Satyug DAO ( aka 'A Network State with a Singular Mission of "GIVING" ).

So, basically summing it up : Satyug is an Unreal Engine 5 SDK wrapped Metaverse App Economy with usage of NFT’s and DeFi and a ‘Singular Mission Satyug DAO’, eventually leading to a Satyug Network State of “Givers”, and we do it in a clever Game theoretic manner of Wealth Accumulation (for Consumption) using “Kalyug” (in-app Utility) Tokens and Wealth Distribution (Philanthropy), using “Satyug” (Governance) Tokens

What problem(s) are we solving?
What are the problems or pain points that we intend to solve?
Who are we solving it for?
Why is it important to solve?
What will it do?

Problem and Solution (The 'Why' and 'For Whom')

Sex, Leverage, Religion and Spirituality have driven Humans since Time Immemorial.
Hitherto there hasn’t been any commoditised experience provider/ aggregator which provides a Tokenised digital sanctuary for those looking to enhance and economically benefit from their spiritual journey.
What if you could meditate at Home and earn Money ?
What if you could visit Mount Kailash or Jerusalem from the comfort of your home and convenience of your time?
What if you are just bored and wanna play a Mythological game and earn a Free-Pass to an event or a Ticket to a Group Convocation ?
What if you are good at Yoga and while doing your daily chores you can earn Tokens, which could be gifted to your Family members or friends to enjoy Real World benefits?
Basically 90% of the World’s Jobs will be displaced by the year 2030, leading to abundance in human time, so why not create Monetary benefits from what people are really good at - Spirituality, Yoga, Meditation and Gaming and Virtual Religious Tourism ?

How (Defining the Broader Process)?

We plan to buidl a SuperStore wrapped in the form of a AAA Game (using Unreal Engine SDK) for devotees from all social, economic & religious strata to consume spiritual content and delve into their never ending spiritual journey.

That’s not all. We came up with Satyug as a way to bring to the masses the VR/Real 360 degree experience of being in the holy space of their choice, either Alone (Meditate-to-earn or Yoga-to-earn) or as a Community Devotee ( Worship-to-spend ) or as a Multiplayer Gamer (Play-to-earn).

Consider this, if someone who’s an NRI wants to experience what Mount Kailash/ Badrinath/ Kedarnath/Char Dham/ Jyotirlingas/ Shirdi Mandir / Akshardham / Osho/ Iskcon or a Christian Devotee wants to visit Lumbini, Vatican City, Wittenberg, Western Wall, Shrine of the Bab but cannot afford the time or costs or energy to physically visit, they’d be thrilled to engage themselves in a visually enticing VR experience or 360 deg Live View Darshan from the convenience of their Location and Time.

We also plan to build partnerships with real world holy sites and temples and the revenue model would enrich the Monetary Trusts of these Temples, who in return will offer authenticated soul-bound-tokens to the Bhakts(aka Devotees). This product would create massive disruption within the web3 space, being the first and infinitely scalable Worship-to-spend Model on top of Play-Meditate-Yoga-to-earn models and extending to all Micro+Macro Communities / Religions / Truth Seekers.

The in-Game ‘Kalyug’ Utility Tokens + in-Game assets (NFT’s) form an inter-twined Economic Incentive Model to keep delving further into the game/App and then we have the Satyug tokens ( Governance Tokens ), whose HOLDERS decide/vote/ propose how the Protocol Treasury would be managed? Which experiences to create? etc.
This is a Monetizable Concept from Day 1 because of

  1. Donations
  2. Micro Transactions (Aartis, Prasad, Authenticated signed NFT’s from Temple priests/ Trust Boards etc.)
  3. In-App Game Economy including Tie ups with Spiritual leaders, Trustees, Boards, Religious Artists, Spiritual Gurus, Tarot-Card Readers, Astrologers alike.
  4. NFT SuperStore with 0-20% protocol fees. All Artists can build their own Customised Spiritual / Religious NFT collections on top of our App.

We have thought minutely and intricately the nitty gritties of our Business Model and the Roadmap on how to develop. In Fact, the Satyug Token Holders can also delegate to appoint the Satyug Legislature (which in turn appoints Executive Body) and Judiciary, enabling the creation of the Satyug Network State, based on one Principle only : “The Art of Giving”. The More you give back to the other deserving Satyug Society builders, the more Vote-Weightage you gain in the ‘Executive-led’ DAO of Satyug. It’s Capitalism and Venture Funding at its best: You fund aspiring and deserving Startup Founders and in return create more Technological Prowess and Capital Formation, albeit in Satyug’s case it’s a Uni-dimensional approach of “GIVING” to 100’s of small founders instead of 1 Big Startup without expecting anything back in return. Imagine the Social Capital Formation of giving 90% of your disposable wealth to 1000 new people rather than to 10 Big Entities.

How will solving this problem help grow the Polygon Community and Web3 Ecosystem?

Polygon Community grows with the addition of our Highly ambitious dApp, and even our community benefits with Polygon’s Marketing, Infra and Support. It’s a Collab, a WIN-WIN. Needless to say, that Polygon Co-Founder Sandeep's vision is also to onboard the next billion users on Blockchains and we intend to fulfil at least 1% of that vision with the Satyug Network State.

Repeating again Our Category of project (Since This is so so important to Grasp):

Satyug is an Unreal Engine 5 SDK wrapped Metaverse App Economy with usage of NFT’s and DeFi and a ‘Singular Mission Satyug DAO’, eventually leading to a Satyug Network State of “Givers”, and we do it in a clever Game theoretic manner of Wealth Accumulation (for Consumption) using “Kalyug” (in-app Utility) Tokens and Wealth Distribution (Philanthropy), using “Satyug” (Governance) tokens, thereby ensuring participation from Maximum Number of people, hence creating strong Network Effects in the long run, which finally give the Satyug DAO the possibility to actually achieve a Network State Status.

Specifying the grant category *

Which 4 pillars of web 3 adoption are we solving

  • Building a user friendly dApp based on Spirituality & Religion, Meditation and Yoga
  • Educating the masses with in-Game Incentive Models
  • Community and Partner campaigns
  • Building a diplomatically recognized Network State

Specifying the grant amount that we need?

USD 24999

Website/Links (Already domain name purchased and site shall be Under Development soon)

Twitter Handle & Twitter URL of project & proposer to be used for public communications : (Proposer)

Also, We have captured the following Project urls on Twitter for the Project (The StartUp Society) (The Fully Mature Satyug Network State) (The Development Team of Satyug- A For-profit Organization) (The Official Page of Satyug) (The “Right Period of Time” - Named after the Immemorial Unforgettable Satoshi. This Page only posts the importance of HyperBitcoinization and connecting it to Satyug’s Official Mission) (The Satyug Foundation which in future shall give grants )

Primary Email

For all official communication around the grant

How do we plan to solve the stated problem?

Our solution, approach, product and features

Already Stated the Problem and Solution above, and also the How-to-achieve-it-Process. Listing more info on features & specifics of the products below :

Assets that will be developed :

Mythological Characters, tanks, drones, night vision goggles, Yoga mats, Watches, Weapons, Chariots, Teleportation devices, Safety wear, Deadly weapons etc.

It’s our thesis that a ‘Beta version’ Game with High Quality assets will still not succeed unless and until there is a Real Life Utility too (That’s also btw our long term theses for Blockchains in general).

So, we will continue to add as many additional Real World Partnerships + Ongoing sales of newly introduced assets which will be limited to new concepts and post-live production ready assets developed by the Satyug development team. All production ready assets are no longer purchasable upon full launch of the live version of Satyug. This, However, does not include the prior phase beta sale assets in order to build Community, Hype and Use Case. Satyug Labs, the parent company receives transaction tax from all in-game trades.

Also, Attached PDF Pitch Deck( at the bottom of this Article) entailing the Assets and use-of-these-Assets

Is anyone else solving a similar problem? If yes, then how do we plan to differentiate??

COMPETITORS vs SATYUG and what differentiates us from them :
Our Ambitions are Grand : As stated before, Sat in Sanskrit means “Right” and Yug means “Period of Time”. We Plan to build a whole Ecosystem with Native Cryptocurrencies, in-Game Utilities and also out-of-Game partnerships with other such Metaverse Apps (especially for the Kalyug Tokens) .

The Satyug Tokens will However be used with partner Temples, Churches, Religious sites, Trust Boards, Ashrams, Astrology/Yoga/Tarot Reading Workshops, Religious and Spiritual Gurus/Speakers, Group Spiritual Convocations and also Politicians/Sportsmen alike.

Now's the Big Catch : Apart from Partnership and Voting rights accruing to Satyug Token Holders, Satyug as a concept of a Right period of time doesn’t don’t give Jurisdictional and Executive Branch rights to Satyug Holders. Such rights are generated ONLY by one thing : “Giving away”. This is drawn as Inspiration from ancient Hindu Transcripts/Scriptures wherein Banks were called KashaParnas which generated Kasha (represented as ‘Cash’ in today’s derived English Terminology), but such Banks were not allowed to participate in Politics. So, the Satyug Network State, consisting of a very Powerful Political Governing Body(Executive) will only consist of people who gave away their amassed wealth to others and the Judicial Body will only consist of people who live Sugar-Free(like the Keto Kosher Societies or Plant Diet Societies) , in short, people who know how to exercise constraint on their Worldly desires (Sugar is amongst the most common, yet worst desires).

So we have a strong, in fact compelling Use Case with a clever mix of earning mechanisms + in-Game Economy + Utility tokens + Governance tokens + Philanthropic Motivation to just ‘Give away to as many Entrepreneurs and hence build ‘More Social Capital’ in the world + Game theory of Philanthropy to reach the Executive Board of the Satyug DAO.

At this moment, we don’t have any competitors, However it would be naive to not expect as we grow. In fact, the more the merrier, which will always keep us on the Edge and propel the Ecosystem Forward.
What we are trying to accomplish here could in present competitive landscape terms be termed a Culmination of Aastha or Sanskar TV built with an additional Blockchain-enabled in-Game Monetisation Business model which is Cryptographically verifiable and hence decentralised and uncensorable and also including features of so-called competitors like,,,, srimandir and apnamandir apps, together with the Most Powerful Mission Statements of ‘GIVING’ and ‘RESTRAINT’.

Project/proposal mission and impact & Why should the larger community care about it?

This Project has the right mix of Game theory based Incentives and in-App Monetisations, which are the first drivers of Community adoption and a Single Mission to Accumulate and Give away, hence a Deep Societal Value of ‘Social Capital’ or ‘Karmic’ Creation. This, in fact, is such a powerful idea in our opinion, that it could actually transform how Society works going into the future and also assure how we can create interGenerational abundance for the ever evolving Human species. The process is aided by the Satyug Legislature(which consists only of “Givers”), led by the Satyug Executive(The biggest Givers) & the Satyug Judiciary(Keto Koshers or Plant Diet Consuming Humans), all voted and appointed by the Satyug DAO. So, yeah the Final Mission is the DAO, capable of becoming a Network State. We have just contemplated hard enough, on how to create a Powerful ‘One Commandment DAO’, and the only mature reasoned process we finally caved in to making this DAO really powerful is with the implementation of a Game theoretical, token based in-app economy with Users who earn(play-meditate-yoga-to-earn) and later spend(worship-to-spend) and lastly give-away(to be a part of the Satyug Legislature & Executive), thereby exploiting, rather utilizing the skills of 90% of Humans(Spirituality, Yoga, Meditation, Gaming and Virtual Religious Tourism and lastly of course, Philanthropy).

Anticipated roadmap and milestones
What stage the project/idea is currently in (eg. pre-development, demo, launched), and key project milestones.

Ideation complete Pre-Development MVP building Stage and hence this Requested Grant.

Promoter Details

Suveett Kalra - , Suveett Kalra | Twitter | Linktree

Role - Chief Directional Architect

Osheen Mahajan - ,

Role - Chief Community Builder

Promoters Background

Please include links and references to past work (eg. Github, Medium, Figma etc.)

Suveett’s Views/Blogs : Bitcoin — The Revolution is here to Stay. | by Mann ki baat with Suveett Kalra | Medium

Suveett’s Github README : Suveett/ at main · Suveett/Suveett · GitHub

Osheen’s Views/Blogs :

Metrics & Projections
Metrics & projections regarding market research, our current audience, our current clients, and projections for growth?

Market Size Coverage and Metrics:

Current Audience + Clients : Not Applicable for the moment but shall be applicable post MVP. Once we complete a Classy AAA rated MVP with VR Integration on the landing page, then we will start building a Community around it. The Game Plan is well thought out and we can start articulating on the Community build-up in a blitzkrieg fashion post pre-seed round or post MVP (whichever earlier)

Projections for Growth : To reach a $100mn ARR in 5 years and a Post-Money Valuation of USD 5 bn, now reverse engineering the same, we have the following Game-Plan :

  1. Phase 1 : Eat Glass, Develop, Develop and Develop for 3 years (Product + features + assets + community). For detailed analysis, Refer Phase 0 - Phase 5 in PitchDeck.
  2. Phase 2 : Eat more Glass for 2 years, add assets, IRL partnerships, Blockchain Integrations, Crypto Economies, DAO’s, Network Society and finally State. For detailed analysis, Refer Phase 6- Phase 0 in PitchDeck.
  3. We can speed up the entire production by compressing the entire above-mentioned plan in 2-3 years, subject to how quickly we can raise money at attractive Valuations. We are betting big on Crypto as a Fair, Transparent, Instant & Global transfer of Value Mechanism + Money.

How will we utilize the grant amount?
How do we define success with this project?
What measurable business goals are we trying to achieve with this grant?
How do we plan to use these grant funds?
What initiatives & milestones will we be accomplishing with the grant funds to meet this business goal?
What tasks will be included in meeting these milestones?
How will we measure the success of the grant initiatives?
What are our targeted measurable KPIs?

Long Term KPI’s

  1. Success can be defined step-wise. First step is to create adrenaline pumping in-Game assets and landing pages.
  2. Second Step is to create a High Resolution Trailer so people can expect what’s cooking and what’s coming.
  3. Third stage is to start working on the Game-engine and create beautiful Characters, Spatial sounds and a Multilayered Multiplayer Game.
  4. Creating a Satyug DAO and Real-life Partnerships
  5. Launching on-Chain Governance and Voting for Satyug Legislature(Law Enactment) and Satyug Judiciary(Dispute Resolution)
  6. Final Goal is to create ‘The Right Period of Time’ Network State, diplomatically recognized.

Short Term KPI’s

To utilize this grant in creating a Really cool, Interactive hosted webpage (whose domain we have already purchased). The entire grant will go towards the First-of-its-kind Oculus based Religious Tourism in-the-Metaverse experience, together with 1 landing page and the below 3 connected URLs :

  1. Landing url (This is the Home Page which consists of these Interactive url links ===> “God has just entered the Metaverse” - Darshan, “Pray to your inner God and Earn” (Meditate-to-earn) - Dhyana , “Yoga has other benefits too” (Yoga-to-earn) - Yug , “Play with the Gods and earn”(Play to earn) - Kriya. Apart from the Punchlines, this Home page will also have these interactive links ===> Mission Statement, Tokenomics, Roadmap, Satyug, Kalyug, Contact us.

  2. All the above links including the Darshan, Dhyana, Yug, Kriya url links lead to a separate Page (The Satyug team at the moment, designs the Darshan, Dhyana, Yug, Kriya pages as per below infos)

  3. The “Yug” Page leads to a serene Place with soothing music (Yoga Tunes or simple Aaauuummm (Om) tune ) - The Concept here is that if you wanna play the game free, then just post your 2 min Yoga video and our AI software will determine whether your postures are correct, and if yes, bingo, you get our "Kalyug Utility tokens’', or else you can buy our premium Yoga Mat NFT's and you straight away get our Kalyug Tokens apart from of course some amazingly designed Yoga Classes.

  4. The “Dhyana” Page leads to an even more serene Metaverse with soothing Meditation Music. The Concept here is that as a person’s thoughts are evolving the page also evolves ( we can show a mix of randomly fast changing illustrative pictures ranging from childhood memories, trees, ponds, mountains, beaches, God, spirits, mathematical/ geometrical signs, Dall-E created pics - basically anything a dream can think of. (P.S -Satyug team to brainstorm and think of more and more pics and illustrations). You can use Metahuman (Unreal Engine ) or Dall.E

  5. The “Darshan” page leads to the Metaverse Page connected to Oculus (for the time being), wherein a Devotee can worship and do aarti of his favorite Deity (see attached Picture of Lord Shiva) . The closer the hands of the Devotee move towards the Murti, the closer the Murti gets and the farther the hands of the devotee move, the smaller the Murti becomes and you see more stars in the Background. It has to be the really cool immersive feature of this App's MVP.

  6. The “Kriya” page leads to the downloadable AAA Unreal Engine 5 Game, where the visitor can choose “Free Kavach NFT's” or Premium Paid “Suraksha Kavach NFT's”. They can also choose which Mythological Characters to play with ( P.S Satyug team needs to create a Few random Awesome looking Mythological Characters - on a theme of Half Alien + Half God ). Finally, the visitor can also choose weapons of his Choice (P.S - Satyug team needs to design some funky looking weapons too for these Half Alien Half God Mythological Characters)… And then booooom, you get to play the game by pressing ENTER=>

The Designers need to be paid well to create something that classy as we envision.

Our Definition of an unadulterated, comprehensive and Uni-directional Success-as-a-Measure of the grant of funds would be the completion of such a AAA quality MVP, that VC’s come to us to collaborate and fund our idea rather than the other way round. We think we can do it…

Wallet Address (ERC20/Ethereum only) *
This is where we request the grant amount.


Anything else we want to share with Polygon Community?

Check out our initial VR presentation we created for Oculus:

Do we need any other help from Polygon Community?

Help us define more KPI’s , Business Logic Validations, in-App Monetization methods.
Like, for example : Assuming the Governments across the world become aggressive on Metaverse, maybe we can sell or lease-for-100-years the Authenticated-by-Government land on our Metaverse to Speculators & Investors who can then charge a Toll Tax (Yearly Income for such Investors) from other visitors/devotees visiting the Temples, Churches, Holy lands, hence creating a similar experience as in the Real World and create value for the land of the Metaverse, out of nowhere. Because our idea is simple : Land in real life has value because of Location, Location and Location, whereas Land in the Metaverse only has value because of Connection, Connection and Connection and for this use-case “Government” is a Good connection.
We really wouldn’t mind getting some nerve-wracking, rather goosebump creating use-cases, would we ? We love to work as a Collaborative Team.

Again, Specifying the grant category & Which 4 pillars of web 3 adoption are we solving

  • Building a user friendly dApp based on Spirituality & Religion, Meditation and Yoga
  • Educating the masses with in-Game Incentive Models
  • Community and Partner campaigns
  • Building a diplomatically recognized Network State.

Pitch Deck :point_down: :point_down:

mp4 presentation of the Project: :point_down: :point_down:

Mythological Assets (Examples) 

Half Alien Half God Character, capable of teleporting across space-time and carrying “Weapons of Mass Destruction”

Half Alien Half Goddess Planting the seeds of her womb into the Ground to Save “Earth”