Polygon Staking Report Q2 2023 by Everstake

Q2 2023 brought a new era for Polygon with major announcements - Polygon 2.0, new tokenomics, and PoS upgrade.

We are pleased to present our Polygon staking report that offers in-depth insights into MATIC staking, exploring the transformative impact!


Initially, we’ll examine the total stake and the number of delegators as indicators.
Were there noticeable increments in user interest during the period when the Polygon tag dominated Twitter trends? You can find out through our findings and explore interactive graphs to investigate further.

Is there a relationship between $MATIC price movements and the interest of delegators? Our analysis aims to identify correlations between total stake and price fluctuations, providing insights into the factors that drive Polygon supporters’ motivations.

Next, we’ll delve deeper into delegator choices, focusing on factors prioritized when selecting a validator, identifying popular validators, and evaluating their performance. The results will be visually presented through multiple graphs for a comprehensive analysis.

Additionally, we will explore the distribution of delegators, which highlights the network’s inclusivity. As stakeholders actively participate in the Polygon staking process, it fosters a dynamic and secure ecosystem.

Lastly, we will analyze the all-important $MATIC APR indicator, delve into tokennomics and reward distribution, understand its influencing factors, and examine its fluctuations over the last quarter.

If our analysis has already sparked your interest in staking your $MATIC, you can get started by following this link:


We’ve made sure you don’t just read a lengthy text but also experience being a data analyst yourself. All our tools and graphics are accessible and interactive, so go ahead, open the article, and explore for yourself. Let’s see what insights you’ll discover!


:saluting_face: Love your work Everstake!

Always a pleasure to see your posts and updates.


thank you for this information, which promises a good year in the evolution and the certain adoption of matic in the years to come