Polygon community Forum Recap [August 2023]

Hello, forum friends!
It’s time for our monthly update, and we couldn’t be more excited to take a look at the latest forum posts with you! :fireworks:

What happened in August!

Highlights of the Month!

  • There is a new Polygon Improvement Proposal (PIP-15) :nerd_face:
  • The Aalborg Upgrade goes to live at Mumbai Testnet :eyes:
  • zkEVM Testnet Rehashing complete! :partying_face:


  • :rotating_light: This is your monthly reminder that there are $40.000 that will be allocated to thoughtful and impactful PIPs in the following year! Read more here!

  • The Polygon Governance Pillars website is live!
    You can now go and check out the 3 Pillars of Governance, track the progress and give feedback on the proposed roadmap in the Polygon Community forum! :purple_heart:

PoS Discussions

:rotating_light:Check out the latest Polygon Improvement Proposals and contribute to the ongoing discusions!!

zkEVM Discussions

  • Multiple updates on both the Testnet and Mainnet of the zkEVM have been completed! Check them out here! :hammer_and_wrench:

  • Check out the projects deploying on zkEVM here.

  • Curious on how to build and deploy a dapp on Polygon’s zkEVM? Check out the post of our own @charmingdata! :toolbox:

That’s the recap for August 2023. We encourage you to explore the discussions taking place in different categories and chime in if you have thoughts, questions, comments, and of course, any proposal ideas.

Thanks for reading! :saluting_face:


Thank you for this summary, @gioser . I was trying to check out the projects deployed on zkEVM. But the site seems to be down. Do you know if there is anything we could do to fix this?


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Thanks for pointing it out! I asked internally and the respective team is aware of it as they are upgrading the website. It should be up, running and fresh soon :slight_smile:

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