Polygon ecosystem dao - getting started

Polygon has decided to proceed with a progressive decentralization of its activities, so as to increase and make its ecosystem more builder centric.

One of the first activities that will be decentralized will be the grants process to DeFi projects and teams that build tools for the ecosystem and for DAOs.

The Ecosystem DAO is ready to play its role in supporting and guiding the growth of many of these projects that want to build on Polygon.

Polygon Ecosystem DAO has given itself precise growth steps:

  • Form a heterogeneous team capable of founding a new DAO and managing it from the different angles needed
  • Create increasingly decentralized procedures for the analysis, approval and issuing of grants
  • Progressively open up to projects and to all communities
  • Create the dynamics of value creation within the DAO, building meeting points between creators and projects
  • Progressively evolve the concept of governance, decentralizing it more and more and using new support tools
  • Becoming one of the most important poles for the organic development of the crypto ecosystem

The Ecosystem DAO will begin today Monday 4 October to accept and examine the submissions of grant requests that can be sent through a dedicated form.

During Season 0, which will last until the end of 2021, the Polygon team will participate in the decisions regarding the rewarding of grants and will act as the main pledger.

The projects that will be considered are:

  • DeFi and NFT projects on Polygon PoS, SDK and Hermez chains.
  • Tools for DeFi protocols on Polygon.
  • Tools for data analysis on Polygon.
  • Educational projects related to the world of DeFi present on Polygon - inline with vision for #DeFiForAll.
  • Decentralized editorial projects that have an informative and educational function related to the world of DeFi present on Polygon.
  • Frameworks and development and support tools for DAO on Polygon.
  • Tools for managing and reporting treasury funds from projects and DAOs on Polygon.

The Polygon Ecosystem DAO is committed to promptly and seriously analyze all the questions that will be forwarded and, after having assessed the merits of the projects, to accept as many as possible.**

Ecosystem DAO will also be able to support the development of the same projects, advising possible partners for growth, IT development, branding, marketing and community with which Polygon has been collaborating for some time.

We are therefore ready to start this new business which we hope will be joined by all the projects and people who believe in the sustainable, organic and shared growth of the crypto ecosystem

How to submit a grant request

  1. Go to Polygon Ecosystem DAO Submission Form
  2. Fill the requested fields
  3. Submit the request
  4. Join Polygon Ecosystem DAO Discord Server
  5. Write your proposal name on the SUBMISSIONS channel
  6. Wait for Polygon Ecosystem DAO feedback

Discord channel

Telegram announcement channel


really excited to see what is funded via the DAO.


Great first step forward! Grants to relevant projects will bolster the ecosystem further. Can’t wait to see more innovative protocols on Polygon!


Good luck… Also promoting and actively implementing protocol like slingshot and dexguru would be highly beneficial.

Both protocols have tremendous potential for the major player in defi and trading platform. Highly undervalued at the moment.

Actively promoting and offering incentives through various mechanisms to the users will impact great to increase polygon userbase

That’s a HUGE opportunity of growth! Good luck!


Wow, that’s an awesome idea!
Looking forward to help growing new projects on Polygon!

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This is great. Let me know how one can get started. Have submitted the form with required details

Personnel from the Poly Ecosystem DAO will reach out to you. Thank you for your submission.

Good DAO, very interesting