Polygon Ecosystem DAO - roles and how to contribute

Dear Community,

The Polygon team is working on defining the governance of Ecosystem DAO.

In the meantime, it has outlined the areas of action of the community and determined the lead roles for the management of these functions.

These lead roles require a medium / high level of experience in the field of DAO and projects and an initial commitment level of 7-10 hours per week which will then be increased.

Subsequently, many other team roles open to the Polygon community will be presented, which will allow you to learn and make your own contribution.

Roles (General indications):

Governance and Operations

  • Management of off-chain and on-chain governance of the protocol, identification and management of governance tools, relationships with Polygon Blockchain, management of community channels.
  • Lead role: Guidance on governance methods, relationships with Polygon Blockchain, Lead team representative, gov/ops team coordination
  • Team roles: Management of governance tools, administration of community tools and channels, counterparties for the governance of community channels


  • Control of financial flows of the DAO, responsibility for the management of a balanced treasury, management of accounting, risk management, treasury financial balance management (multi currency / multi token / purpose token)
  • Lead role: Responsible for accounting and cash flows, team coordination
  • Other roles: Management control, help in accounting management, flow analysis


  • Protection of the DAO, verification of correctness of on-chain and off-chain operations, study and elaboration of legislation related to crypto and DAO, Ombuds/Internal dispute resolution system
  • Lead role: Representative of the legal team of the DAO both on-chain and off-chain, choice of legal issues to study and develop, team coordination
  • Other roles: study and research of the topics proposed by the lead, legal advice to the community


  • Responsibility in maintaining and updating the technological assets of the DAO, development of on-chain and off-chain procedures useful for the DAO, server and bot maintenance, identification of new technological leads to follow.
  • Lead role: DAO technology representative, responsible for team development decisions, team coordination
  • Other roles: Community tech counterparts, development

Community Members lead

  • Identification and updating of onboarding policies for new members (compatible with governance guidelines), hospitality, community organization, community relations, member wellbeing
  • Lead role: Member community lead role, study the best onboarding and community management policies, how to organize community channels, team coordination
  • Other roles: Channel moderators, organization of DAO events, member support, welcome new members

Premium Members lead

  • Management of relationships with premium members, identification of reception policies, organization of events
  • Lead role: Support to leads of premium members projects, study of community initiatives, team coordination
  • Other roles: Help in the management of premium members, organization of events

Marketing / communication

  • Creation of marketing and communication campaigns internal and external to the DAO, management of social channels
  • Lead role: Definition of guidelines for internal and external DAO campaigns, relations with the lead team of creators and with the lead team of premium members, team coordination
  • Other roles: Campaign management, management of the DAO’s social channels

Creators Management

  • Realization of the original contents of the DAO
  • Lead role: Guidelines for creators (writers and designers), relations with marketing
  • Other roles: Support to creators (writers and designers)

*All roles will be compensated (TBD).


Dear Community, it is now possible to indicate in which areas you would like to contribute in the DAO.
Fill out the form !!


Grendel you are a legend! This model is scalable and executable. Please let me know how I can help.


This is an amazing governance structure, which clearly identifies the fundamentals areas of competence that should absolutely exist within a DAO. Moreover, it does not copy-paste corporate structures. It creates a fluid system where skills and capabilities of contributors may emerge for the benefit of the organization. Great work!


Waiting for son long , I’m in!!!


Exciting announcement, will be sure to follow!


Genuine history in the making and I look forward to taking part.


I will fill out all of the forms @Grendel. Bring me every form you’ve got. I’ve got ink for days. Let’s make this happen.


Impressive work @Grendel.


This is thrilling! A unique way of managing critical components/decision making, without centralizing that decision making.


i am in…
trying to gain more knowledge.



Really interesting to know about Polygon DAO. Waiting to pick up a full time Job.
What needs to be done next.


Hello. I am interested in a Dev Guild Lead. Got ~20 years of engineering background, and around 8 years of continuous senior technical leadership roles. Currently I’m a Solutions Architect at Levi9 Ukraine.

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I can help writing content in Spanish to gain more DAO users…

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Hello Polygon Community,

WACEO is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide regulatory clarity to DAOs and blockchain-based projects from DeFi, NFT, to general blockchain implementations. Since its establishment in 2018, WACEO has been focusing on the mainstream implementation of blockchain technology in business as well as the government sector. We make it our duty to deliver expert legal advice and business consultation services to blockchain-based participants and provide them with the tools necessary to be in good legal standing and be acknowledged as legal entities.

To date, we have helped several DeFi organizations and DAO communities in adopting the best practices and structures in terms of governance and suggested the necessary measures to be compliant with EU laws and regulations.

One of the principle methods of how we contribute to the DAO communities is by completing coverages, light audits on various DAOs, where we regularly highlight some of the risks that the majority of the industry are unaware of. Please find them listed here. We subsequently send a Proposal to the DAO community to join WACEO in order to receive a full legal and regulatory audit, otherwise known as a LARA. Once part of WACEO, we continue to support with legal and governance needs of the DAO in regards to any Proposal and business initiatives.

WACEO possesses a strong network of service providers specialized in dealing with blockchain-based organizations and has built a swift platform for DAOs and service providers, wherein DAOs that aim to achieve compliant decentralized governance can interact with our competent service providers and the service providers can interact with DAOs to help them attain compliance, while also meeting their business needs. We operate as a connection hub to link decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and blockchain projects with experts in the fields of law, regulations, and business management.

Our team of service providers is composed of DeFi and Crypto Experts who have been researching, working, and building in the blockchain sphere for years. The team includes:

  • field experts who have built DAOs for almost half a decade;
  • legal professionals with expertise in cutting edge digital fields; and
  • lobbyists who have direct lines of communication with regulators.

Some of the core services offered by the organizations are:

  1. Audit: Providing legal and regulatory audits to stakeholders during the formation and management of blockchain projects.
  2. Supervision: Providing supervisory support to stakeholders in the form of contracts, policies, and procedures.
  3. Training: Providing training and consultation to stakeholders that wish to utilize and understand decentralized financial services including asset tokenization, DeFi, NFTs, and CBDCs.
  4. Arbitration: If the involved parties consent to our third-party neutral judgments, we can also issue resolutions to disputes that arise within DAOs
  5. Technical legal work: Providing assistance in deploying and building smart contracts for DAOs.
  6. Incorporation Services: We advise DAOs on which jurisdiction to incorporate in where we lead and coordinate the incorporation on behalf of the DAO. This includes working with registered agents, necessary accounting and tax professionals, and when necessary local legal counsel.
  7. Business Services: An organization may require business development services, notary services, accountancy services, or any other kind of services, WACEO acts as a connection hub, drawing a bridge between DAOs and the Service Providers to help DAOs meet their business needs.

To accelerate our objectives, we have divided into three committees that specialize in their respective areas:

  1. Tokenomics Committee: to ensure that tokens used within DAOs are aligned to their proposed use case by producing audits and creating policies affecting the structure and utility of the tokens.
  2. Marketwatch and Governance Committee: to ensure that proper governance practices are applied and that all stakeholders are represented in their respective DAOs by auditing their Treasury and internal governance.
  3. Law and Regulatory Affairs Committee: to ensure that DAOs become compliant and sufficiently decentralized by generating legal and regulatory audits on their formation and management, as well as producing an associated roadmap regarding internal governance structural goals. Additionally, they create contracts, policies, and procedures to help stakeholders working with and within DAOs have regulatory clarity while innovating.

Additionally, we have individual Committees that may produce case studies and position papers, which are distributed to the General Assembly and Policy Makers when deemed necessary.

WACEO’s mission is regulatory clarity in the blockchain industry. Blockchain-based entities, DAOs, are a relatively novel type of structure, especially from a legal standpoint. As such, the industry as a whole has an unclear official standing - some DAOs accidentally get classified as partnerships making all members personally liable for debts or crimes committed by a single user. By engaging with stakeholders in the DAO and blockchain community we look to change this perception and provide the necessary assistance and tools to DAOs to establish themselves as a separate legal entity.

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Definitely - we should have one track specifically to attract and educate builders here on Polygon

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Very excited to join (form completed). Great job @hamzahKhan.

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Finally landed even here!


Finally able to comment. Glad to be a part of this DAO. Exciting times ahead. Looking to working together.


Are there still opportunities to participate here? If so, what would be the best way to hop in?

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