Introducing the Amoy Testnet for Polygon PoS

Hello Polygon community!

In response to the impending deprecation of the Goerli testnet, and based on community feedback as well as the need to provide a seamless experience for Polygon PoS users and developers, a brand new testnet will soon be introduced for Polygon PoS – the Amoy Testnet.

As many of you may know, the Ethereum Goerli testnet has served as the root-chain (L1) for the Polygon PoS Mumbai testnet. However, with Goerli scheduled for deprecation and major RPC providers planning to discontinue support in Q1 2024, community consensus was to deprecate the Mumbai testnet as well.

The Amoy Testnet will now use the Sepolia Testnet chain as its root (L1) chain. Both the Mumbai and Amoy testnets will operate independently, ensuring a smooth transition for users and developers. Amoy preserves the availability of essential validators and tooling in a more sustainable and future-proof environment.

Stay tuned for further updates and please ask any questions you might have in the comments. Also, be sure to tune in to the PPGC calls and monitor the forums to participate in the community discussion about how to best shape the Polygon ecosystem.

Best regards,
The Polygon Labs Team