Amoy Testnet - Node Setup

Hello Polygon Community,

In continuation to our previous post, the basic setup of Amoy Testnet is complete with a small number of nodes and the network is up and running.

More tooling and services are required in order to onboard users and developers. This notion document outlines the steps for setting up a new Amoy Testnet node.

Developers deploying on Amoy can continue to count on the availability of essential validators, infra, faucets, tooling, and more, in a sustainable and future-proof environment.
Connect to Amoy:
• Network Name: Polygon Amoy Testnet
• New RPC URL:
• Chain ID: 80002*
• Currency Symbol: MATIC
• Block Explorer URL:
More on the testnet:

Polygon Labs


Polygonscan for Amoy is live now, link here