Incentives / Bribes for camWMATIC Vault Voters

Hi once again,

This is concernedquimp here speaking on behalf on all Polygon Quimps,

This is in connection to my previous forum post regarding the Qi vault incentives which had received good support from the Polygon community.

With the current vote (week 2) almost 72% of the incentives are leaving Polygon for other chains and leaving only 28% to the original community of quimps of Polygon. Since most of the original supporters of QiDao on Polygon are not whales but small “retail” users, there is not much the community can collectively do to prevent the rewards from going to other chains. This will be an ongoing trend that may see significant vault rewards permanently outside Polygon.

Here are the emissions at the moment and as you can see, more than 70% is going out :disappointed:

The rewards leaving Polygon make it even harder with the current market conditions and the Quimps propose to the DAO to help both the Polygon Quimps and native retail yield farmers out with:

A Bribe of $10k for the camWMATIC vault.

This is the most popular vault and would be in the best interest of the Polygon community to incentivise the same :pray: :pray: :pray:


The old vote had an issue with the voting options so a new vote has been deployed:


Thanks for the update :pray:

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