Grant Request by TavernDAO

Submission Date
January 24, 2022

Project Links

Discord: GFG 2.0 - TavernDAO
Medium: TavernDAO – Medium

Project Description

TavernDAO is the Metaverse’s NFT Gaming Job Board, it’s like Glassdoor but for crypto gaming. We envision Tavern to be a middleman platform for guilds, scholars and eventually game developers in the distant future.

We call ourselves Tavern because of our obsessive focus on the scholar/player experience. When you think about a tavern in mediaeval-themed games/settings, we think of wandering adventurers (scholars) that are looking for quests (scholarships).
Our goal is to solve the main problems that they are facing, which are mainly:

  1. How do they find the best jobs that match their particular skill?

  2. How do they make sure that they don’t get ripped off by guilds?

  3. What’s the general sentiment on a particular guild/taskmaster?

  4. Is it worth spending my time on this scholarship from a monetary/experience/enjoyment perspective?


  1. To help scholars form a stronger presence to navigate the Play2Earn metaverse, we plan on providing a job resume function that allows scholars to indicate their crypto gaming interests, lifetime game achievements, etc. With enough data, we will also be providing data-driven suggestions to ease the matchmaking process.

  2. We plan on setting up a guild vetting system by aggregating guild data to ensure that scholars will not be ripped off, or at least be aware that they are about to be ripped off.

  3. Scholars should be heard; a review board of different guilds will be formed and these reviews can even be answered by official guild managers.

4.We’ve hired crypto gaming analysts and data/AI background talents to scour through a multitude of NFT games to provide information on earnings, cost of investment (time/money) and also more subjective items like enjoyment and would you recommend this game to a friend?

After building the network effect between scholars and guilds, we foresee the facilitation of more features for guilds and game developers that are looking to launch on our platform. But until then, we are extremely focused on the scholars’ experience.

Amount requested
80,000 USD


Milestone 1
Budget: 20,000 USD

  1. Crypto games analysis
  2. Guild listing & searching of guilds
  3. Allow comparison of guilds and games
  4. Listing of scholarships from guilds

KPI: Number of users (20,000), Active users (30%)

Milestone 2
Budget: 60,000 USD

  1. Suggestion of games/guilds to players
  2. Smart contract - staking, NFT marketplace
  3. Smart contract auditing
  4. DAO voting and community requests for TavernDAO features
  5. IGO launchpad



Hi community, I am the co-founder of TavernDAO. Please shoot me any queries or suggestions about the project and I would be happy have a discussions with you, lfg :rocket:


Excited for this project, this could potentially be the gateway to the metaverse via gamefi. Hope this flies guys.

P.S.: Community is very2 strong


Very stoked for this project! They have the experience and the lovely community, good coaches and pro players! This project shall be huuuuuuuuuuuuuugeee!


Thanks for your kind words and glad to know that you enjoy being part of the community.


one of the challenges facing scholars and managers is being able to have a trusted system where both are not subject to abuse. If there exists a guild or “tavern” that can perform some form of pre-vetting, of both, i believe this will bring value to the community.


Been into this guild before rebranded, which is GFG - Gaming For Good. It was a medium sized community when i first joined with Axie Infinity as their main P2E game and less than 80 scholars at the time. I became one of the scholar afterward and happy to contribute to this community as a discord mod. Watching the community growth day by day, and now GFG 2.0 aka TavernDAO has expanded(some are still in the plan) their P2E games into sooo many games like WonderHero, Pegaxy, Arker, BigTime AND more to comeee. It’s mind-blowing just by witnessing the growth speed of this Malaysia focused community, my hope for TavernDAO in the future has no limit, the know what are they doing and they are making their way up reallll fast.

Talking about how TavernDAO will help out more and moreeee people with P2E games in the future. Its just crazy to see how the world has advanced to the point where you can help people to earn more income just by playing game and its a win win situation for guild and for scholars. I think that is what TavernDAO trying to achieve, that’s why they are expanding, growing to let more and more people to have the opportunity to feel the blessings of P2E :slight_smile:


This is a good project that is aiming to help both scholars and managers finding suitable candidate.

This is because there are many people who are trying to find scholarship which fits their experience but there are many times that managers are not familiar. For example, almost every manager only knows about axie and used it as an requirement but so many players cannot even start in the first place (or for whatever reasons)… so how are them supposed to get that experience to apply for axie or other games scholarship? This player might be a top player in other game but due to lack of knowledge, was rejected and end up player couldn’t get the scholarship and manager loss a potential great player.

Therefore, this project can not only saves a lot of time for both scholars and managers, but will be able to help them solves problems as per mentioned in the post (Finding best jobs, prevent rip-off, guilds direction, and preferences), providing good value for the community. I hope this can be looked into and wish you all all the best!


TavernDAO aims to answer important questions from the scholars’ perspective:

  1. What games do I play to maximise my time to earnings ratio (compare different games)?

Follow up question: Which guild can offer me the best split for the particular game?

TavernDAO as a platform will bring great value to scholars in a simplified manner. Stay tuned!


This project has my full support. The way I observe the community staying united and trusting one another gives me the impression that this project will be a big success. This project can support a lot of scholars in determining what crypto game suits them best and providing guidance on how to play the game if the scholar has no prior experience with it, as well as providing support to those in financial need.


First started joining the community with 0 knowledge of crypto gaming, with the friendly people in community they have show me the up and downs of crypto gaming. With this new project i feel excited to participate with them and I only can see the community will only grow upwards.


I was in this guild previously known as Gaming For Good (GFG) and now known as TavernDAO as a scholar for Axie Infinity. Back than they only had 25 scholars in the guild and since then the community has been non stop expanding largely to over 120++ scholars for Axie.

This project by TavernDAO has my full support as I had witness the growth of this community since early stage till now. I believe that this project can help many people around the globe in terms of providing financial support to those that are in need. This project also helps others to save time as well money especially to those newcomers that has no clue on which games to invest on (like me).

Asides from this project, TavernDAO as a guild also gives opportunity like improving personal skills to literally anyone/ everyone such as public speaking, being a moderator and so on. You usually do not see any guilds that provide these opportunity to the public. Hence, I hope that this project would be a huge success :slight_smile: all the best to the best guild !


Very through and smart project…this definitely bring more trust between guilds and scholars…100 percent the community would love THIS!!!
All the best and good luck guys :metal: :metal: :metal:


I’ve been in this guild during a time of crucial needs and they opened their hands in giving scholarships to those in need. It was only a couple of scholars when i first started, and now, seeing how far GFG has advanced and rebranded as TavernDao, the community has grown in a large scale , more scholars who are interested in the scholarship, which now the guild has around 150 scholars for Axie Infinity. It blows my mind seeing how fast this guild has accomplished and how hard the Founder’s are working to make this guild move towards success. I strongly support this project as it would benefit alot for the guild to grow and also for those who are interested in making their first step in the cryto world. With P2E games that is growing right now, it will definitely help people to stabilize their economic situation by having them being part of the guild scholarship. With the project being successful, hundreds or even thousands of scholars will be able to take that opportunity. In addition, They have alot of engaging folks in the community, very friendly managers and moderators because not only they give scholar applicants, but they do hire people for management jobs in the guild itself. In conclusion, i really hope this project will be successful as i would want to see the guild grow larger and grants the Founder’s their goals that their aiming for the guild.


i see a future in this team


As someone who is new to the crypto gaming. I came across GFG which is now known as TavernDAO. A very friendly and helpful community from the start. I honestly think the idea behind helping scholars establish a resume for guilds that want to recruit scholars will have the means to find the people they want and need.

This is definitely the start of something good for crypto gaming space as it’s still pretty new and it would give the chance for people interested in new games that are fast approaching with a strong community to back it up.


For this new project, it will make the current and future players be more talented . This project also will give all skilled players to involve in crypto games with the help of scholarship. it will make a profitable move on both sides by earning in crypto games and having a high skilled players. It makes the game be more competitive and maybe will move forward to competitive environment.


great insights, exited for the project to fly and looking forward for the future of metaverse


Good Project, will definitely provide a huge helping hand to aspiring scholars to find the P2E game and guild of their liking, excited for what’s to come!


It would be such an honor to be able to join such movement in times like this.
I believe the team are prepare to take the p2e scene by storm with such strong foundation and planning ahead.
I have join guilds that ignore the voices of scholars or some even take advantages from them, with this team at the backbone im sure more scholars in the future will benefit from it and even able to draw more new scholars into the p2e scene with such awesome benefits and healthy environment to grow not just financially but also in the daily aspect of living. Cheers and keep up the good work guys. thanks for building behind the scene.