Facilitating users on boarding

I was thinking lately that the biggest wall for adoption is still the on ramp from fiat.
I believe a way to improve this would be to establish a partnership with an on/off ramp partner (example transak) to have their services accessible straight from the matic wallet web app , with a promotional zero fee deposits setup if the on ramp is made on $matic.
That will be beneficial for both boarding new users and adding buying pressure so $matic itself.


interesting idea - we can do something. Let me chat with our partners.


This would quicken adoption onto Polygon. This would be great when implemented :100: :boom:.

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Hey @hamzahKhan, wondering if there has been any development on this :wave:t3:


I was thinking about exactly this the other day.
Getting from Fiat → Polygon has limited options. Some a pretty expensive.
Currently, I recommend for people to deposit via bank transfer to Coinbase Pro, but a “fast” crypto like Algorand, withdraw that to Binance, swap Algorand for USDT, USDT for MATIC, and then withdraw to Polygon…
This is obviously insane

By discounting the Ramp.Network or similar service fees we can fiat on-ramp directly to Polygon. It doesn’t have to be 0 fee, just less than 1%.


Spot on, Alex. Well stated.


Yeah, in my concept the zero fee should have been something for limited time, as a promotional access to defi. I was guessing for something like 2/3 weeks, something like “forget high fees on transactions and NOW on deposits too, join Polygon”. On Transak in my example, that would means an upfront cost for Polygon of 3.5% (if done via credit card, the pricey) of all the deposits. On $1M worth of deposits that would mean $35k without even try to negotiate the deal with the partner.
Looking at Ramp they are even cheaper then less negotiable.
In the end I believe something around 2% is reachable as a deal.


That’s a good idea. Polygon could prepay for a set amount. It’s almost like buying TVL for the Polygon network.

Getting fiat into Polygon right now requires understanding CEX’s, trading, withdrawing to non-Eth networks, and more things I am probably forgetting.

If people could use Ramp.Network for nearly free to buy WBTC or WETH directly in Aave that would be a HUGE simplification of the entire process.


You can already do all this on Huddln Polygon Ecosystem DAO <Partnership> Huddln DAO


Hey @jackieg I didn’t know your product, I’m gonna have a look and get back with my feedbacks, thanks for your contribution!