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Huddln is a mobile-first NFT powered social platform and marketplace that’s live on the iOS App store and Google Play Store. Since it’s inception in 2019, we knew mobile was a difficult approach with web3
and because we bootstrapped our platform, we’ve become pioneers in mobile for web3.
iOS App Store
Google Play Store

Our initial goal was to build a platform that not only allows users to create content but to create content they own via NFTs. Today, we are opening our platform to its users as a DAO to own and govern future features and integrations they see as beneficial.

Huddln The Platform
Huddln is giving creatives a platform to easily mint from their camera as if they were posting to Instagram or TikTok, the real power of the platform lies in its simplicity to create content.

UI/UX matters, Huddln aims to get the tech out of the way of the user. By removing the friction points of Web3. Polygon allows for speedy transaction confirmation, cheap gas, and easy bridging to Ethereum. The UX is heavily influenced by user patterns of today’s most adopted platforms, this provides a familiar interface for new users onboarding into crypto.


  1. Fixed Price Sale option for your Huddln NFTs
  2. Easily Mint Photos/Videos from your Camera as ERC-721s
  3. Gasless Transactions via Biconomy
  4. New NFT News Feed via The Graph
  5. Decentralized Comment System via The Convo Space
  6. Purchase Crypto in-app via Moonpay
  7. Integrated Non-Custodial Wallet (On Polygon) & more

Our philosophy around UX is to build the most robust platform for the average “non-blockchain” user. We are looking 2–5 years in the future, we are bridging the gap between “blockchain” & everyday people. We believe the next wave of social platforms in web3 will not survive unless they can provide more value & deliver high-quality UX/UI that they are used to with web2 apps.

The Huddln DAO
The grand vision of Huddln is to create a unified consumer platform that empowers creators and gives creator-centric protocols a path to reach their ideal market.

With every new Web3 protocol sprouting up, another user-end platform is being developed as well. Typically their protocols are “on-chain” and absolutely need a UX/UI to reach their target market. So each social token, NFT-minting, content-gating protocol develops its own “content platform”.

Users are just as powerful as the platforms they use, and because user identity, content, and history now travel with users instead of belonging to gated monolithic entities, we have essentially dissolved the binds Web2 users are accustomed to. Users can coordinate, build communities, take their identity and content with them to whichever platform they see fit.

Users are the new base layer every new Web3 tech startup is chasing. Building platform after platform to try and capture the market isn’t the correct approach. This pursuit is fundamentally flawed at its core, user retention isn’t a zero-sum game however, most protocols treat their pipeline like so.

In our pursuit to create the ultimate creator platform, we quickly realized that we couldn’t do it alone. The strategy that many creator platforms in Web3 are taking is this winner take all mentality to user acquisition.

The future is empowering communities to coordinate features & direction of protocol integrations. This is very common with protocols today, the playbook is to open community-driven efforts via DAOs to allow the constant collaboration with protocols and users.

Let’s take it one step further, let users dictate further up the stack. Allow them to dictate and own the platforms and protocols. Creating a collaborative effort between the end customer and the producers of the platform.

Bringing communities, creators & protocols together to produce the ultimate creative platform that solves a number of issues:

  1. Ownership of the platform to creators
  2. A positive feedback loop of features
  3. Protocols get an instantaneous user-base
  4. A path to reach end-customers
  5. Protocols can now synergize instead of competing (We think this is super important to market direction)

Instead of a new social token protocol worrying about not being able to compete on a platform level with names like Roll or Rally, they can focus on their niche protocol and instead deploy to Huddln.

In the Web3 Creator Economy, we need to stop wasting time & effort building siloed protocols and start creating platforms that let creators stack the protocols lego pieces.

Our DAO is built to coordinate the efforts & needs that creators and protocols have in the Web3 space.

The Huddln platform is the first NFT mobile platform to go to market. It’s also the first NFT platform to give up ownership to the community via a DAO.

The DAO will bring in some of the top protocols in Web3 as well as creatives that will power the user base. This is a new paradigm shift that will foster, fund, and accelerate the development of the platform.

Every protocol participating in the DAO now has an instantaneous user base and equal exposure to that base by being on the same platform. The community is the end-users, which lends itself to rapid prototyping and deployment pipelines by allowing the users to see and participate in feature creation.

Huddln is ripe for growth, having been in development for over 2 years, it has the maturity and the underlying infrastructure to start bringing in communities and protocols to participate in its ecosystem.

We envision a future where every user is empowered to be their own micro-economy, but that cannot happen if they do not own the platform they use.

Our idea/proposal: A partnership between Polygon Ecosystem DAO, creator-centric protocols within the Polygon Ecosystem and Huddln platform/DAO to build out the new creator economy.


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