Erigon v0.0.6 Release

A new version of Erigon (on Polygon Fork) is available - v0.0.6

Major updates (For Bor consensus)

  1. Updated the consensus engine from the bor repository
  2. Enabled Heimdall gRPC support
  3. Added support to add tracing for state sync transactions in RPC calls
  4. Made eth_getCode and eth_blockByNumber RPC calls consistent with the bor response
  5. Fixed No block header issue and other minor stability-related issues

It also has all the latest upstream changes from erigon version v2.40.1

Instructions to Upgrade

These are the instructions to upgrade Erigon on your nodes:

  1. Upgrade Erigon to the latest version:

    cd ~/erigon
    git pull --tags
    git checkout v0.0.6
    make erigon
  2. Ensure that you are on the latest version:

    ./build/bin/erigon --version
    # It should return
    erigon version 0.0.6-bor-a5b43a30
  3. Restart erigon

    sudo service erigon restart
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