Copy to clipboard click in metamask copies another address

recently i wanted to transfer some matic to my metamask account, i clicked to copy the address and it dopied another address that wasn;t in my wallet. i didn’t notice the diffrence and i did transfer and now i am in trouble because i don;t have access to that account and don’t how it happened.
it happens for every address which i want to copy in metamask. does anybody have an idea what has happened in my metamask? is there any way i get my assets back?

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Hi @maheidari.

I am sorry to hear that. It sounds like a poison attack was used against you. Recently another user wrote a post of a similar experience, Got Poison Attacked on Polygon, Lost Funds - #2 by gioser.

I am sorry but the assets cannot be recovered, since Polygon is a decentralized blockchain and has no control over accounts/addresses/balances on the network.
Please make sure you scan your computer for viruses/malware and cross-reference the addresses you are interacting with as a whole and not just the beginning and the end.