Got Poison Attacked on Polygon, Lost Funds


Hi, I got poison attacked by attackers on my address: Address 0x0b99B3532cD44DE67965d07A75Fdfb2a23Ef5888 | PolygonScan

I sent 5000 USDT to a phishing address while I meant to send it to Binance account.
TXID: Polygon Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | PolygonScan

Scammer impersonated and scammed me by sending various spoof transactions from accounts similar to my Binance deposit account.

My Binance Account: 0xdd1b7ce698d0d58cd521a9c186e6a95cf043614c
Scammer Account: 0xdd1f22080cf69e1b1a92d33e8f3d6a766447614c

You can see it has literally 5 same digits from starting and 4 same digits in the ending. I can prove my ownership of 0x0b99B3532cD44DE67965d07A75Fdfb2a23Ef5888 and my real Binance account. Kindly help me get back the funds, It would be the best possible thing ever.

I have opened a ticket in Support: #56099
I have already contacted Tether team and they have told me they do not issue USDT on Polygon chain and your team will be able to help by removing the tokens from Polygon by having them destroyed and claiming the original locked ERC20 tokens.


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Hi, @thour.

First of all, I am really sorry this happened to you. It really sucks to see how elaborate scammers can get and how they can target individuals like you…
Thanks for writing the post and raising awareness in the community for such types of attacks.

Having said that, there is no assistance I can provide you in regard to your query since you have already opened a support ticket. The support team will take it from there and hopefully be able to assist you further. :pray:

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