zkEVM Mainnet beta & Cardona testnet update (Optional, recommended)

21st Feb, 2024

Please note an Optional, but recommended update of zkEVM infrastructure. This version adds 2 custom endpoints, zkevm_estimateGasPrice, zkevm_estimateCounters and introduces fixes to issues shared by infra providers (issues 3319 (https://github.com/0xPolygonHermez/zkevm-node/issues/3319), 3298 (https://github.com/0xPolygonHermez/zkevm-node/issues/3298), 3273 (https://github.com/0xPolygonHermez/zkevm-node/issues/3273)). Please refer to the node Change Log and issues for details

Node version: v0.5.13 (https://github.com/0xPolygonHermez/zkevm-node/releases/tag/v0.5.13)
Prover/executor version: v4.0.16 (https://github.com/0xPolygonHermez/zkevm-prover/releases/tag/v4.0.16)

Things to note:
For infrastructure providers, this is a recommended but optional version. No config changes needed. Update to the new version and restart the node and RPC

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Ok thanks for passing the information …let’s look forward