We received feeback from an important zkEVM TESTNET user:

Challenges faced: We are struggling with our chain settlement time which is at times going beyond a few mins. We would ideally want to keep it <10 sec at the scale of 500 transactions per minute

Yes, we can reach your scaling needs!

Although currently we have a bottleneck that makes the throughput slow, we’ll release a new version of the sequencer in a few weeks which will be able to handle way more than 100 tx /minute. As a matter of fact, the version that we will use for mainnet should be able to process and confirm 100 txs in less than 10 seconds.

This is only the beginning.!

We have plenty of optimizations and improvements to apply, TBH we have been focusing on “it needs to work” and now we’re starting to switch to “it needs to work well and FAST”.

We expect to get close to 50 ~ 100 tx/s in the following months (with instant finality), and we will continue after that, although every time will be harder to do significant improvements.

Let us know you comments.


Always upgrade and upgrade to almost instanly