ZK System Benchmarking - Coordinated by Delendum

There is a very needed research being carried out by Polygon researchers and Delendum.
You can find information in the following Github repository

Delendum Research:


The purpose of this benchmarking project is to produce a collection of standard benchmarks for comparing the performance of different zero-knowledge proof libraries, in an easy-to-read format, including graphs and tables. The first question we ask ourselves is - who is the target audience?

Is it a) developers, who are not necessarily familiar with the internals of ZK systems, but are looking to make an informed decision based on the tradeoffs involved with using a given proving system for a concrete, real-world use case, or b) individuals who understand the broad underlying primitives and are interested in the performance of key cryptographic building blocks?

Our goal is to cover both1.

What are we testing?


We measure proving time2 in various standard hardware environments, thereby allowing each proof system to showcase its real-world behavior when running on commonly available systems.

For each benchmark, we measure the performance of these tasks:

  • Proof generating
  • Verifying a valid proof

We start with smaller computations such as iterated hashing, merkle inclusion proof, and recursion, and will eventually move on to larger end-to-end scenarios.

Call for collaboration

We are seeking collaborators to help us expand and improve our benchmarking efforts. If you are interested in joining us in this effort, there are several ways you can contribute:

  • Help with adding benchmarks for additional proving systems.
  • Suggest new benchmarks or test cases for us to include in our repository.
  • Help us verify and validate the accuracy of the benchmarks and test cases that are already included in the repository.
  • Contribute code or scripts to automate the running and reporting of the benchmarks.
  • Help us improve the documentation and usability of the repository.

To get involved, please reach out to us via the repository’s issue tracker or email research@delendum.xyz. We welcome contributions from individuals and organizations of all experience levels and backgrounds. Together, we can create a comprehensive and reliable benchmarking resource for the ZK community.