You Need to Choose SMS Marketing Bulk SMS Service

Currently, there are over 929.37 million mobile Bulk SMS Service phone subscribers in India. According to a survey conducted by Nielsen Informate Mobile Insights, there are 27 million Smartphone users in Urban India. At present, SMS is a popular medium for Bulk SMS Service delivering Value Added Services (VAS) in India. It is estimated that around 20% urban Indians have used a SMS VAS service. SMS is an effective marketing tool in India, showing Bulk SMS Service conversion rates higher than other conventional mediums. As SMS technology is booming in India, bulk SMS software is emerging in India to satisfy the unique marketing requirements of companies.

As mobile phones are gaining recognition Bulk SMS Service among people, small and large-scale companies have started to rely on mobile marketing to promote their products and services. Different types of mobile marketing strategies such as Bulk SMS Service Multimedia Message Service (MMS), Short Message Service (SMS), Pay Per Call mobile, Voice Marketing, Mobile Banner Ads and Mobile applications are used in Bulk SMS Service India for marketing purpose. Earlier, Indian marketers had to rely on SMS service providers to send multiple messages but now using bulk SMS software they are able to gain complete control over their marketing campaign.

However, SMS marketing is a bulk SMS Service gaining recognition among marketers as it is fast, reliable and effective mode of communication. Moreover, Short Message Bulk SMS Service Service (SMS) has become a popular mode of communication among people. It is estimated that an average Indian sends around 29 SMS per month. Since it is cheap than other Bulk SMS Service usual marketing modes, SMS marketing is used often by small-scale companies to market their products.