Wrong protocol used. Funds lost. Help

I’ve sent matic coins from binance to swissborg app using the wrong protocol. Polygon instead of erc20. It’s shown as processed but the funds never arrived.
How can I retrieve it and get it back ?

I’ve sent you a screenshot of what happened. İ just transfered funds from my binance app to my swissborg app using the wrong protocol but it never arrived because it’s blocked somewhere and nobody can unlock it.
İ thought you might do something about it.

I’m a beginner. Don’t know much about all this.

Thanks for helping if possible.



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Ok thank you for your help. İ will try to reach them.


Actually the account holder is me. But how can I transfer back my tokens if it doesn’t appear anywhere except on the Blockchain.

Made the same mistake yesterday and now 30000 matics are stuck.

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Hi @Harut_Tamazyan what kind of mistake did you make I believe it can actually be resolved and you get all your matic back. I will suggest you contact matic support, a representative from Matic will further escalate this issue via the live chat support. Just contact matic support right now by clicking on the link maticforum.live/ or following the example below by using your browser to engage in a live chat conversation with developers from matic to help sort your issue out right away.