Wrong network when I transfer my Virtual currency matic to Polygon from Okex

I have made a wrong transfer from Okex to Polygon a week ago.

Transfer currency:matic

Amount of deposits: 298.385 Withdrawal address: 0xa751C9F4eCa7A86DDF20E6EC5e802159170eDA85 TXID transaction hash value: undefined Email: jerrylijl8951@gmail.com Problem description: The withdrawal address is wrong and the withdrawal is not received. Please help to solve it, thank you.
Below is response from Polygon Network.

Hi li,​
Greetings from Polygon Support.

You basically sent the tokens to an address controlled by the exchange/wallet.

They hold the keys to that account on Matic. Only they can unlock it for you.

You would need to ask them to configure Matic Mainnet on their wallet (Setting up Metamask for Polygon (Matic Network) | by Stakingbits | Stakingbits | Medium) and send it back to an address that you control.

Note there’s a disclaimer on the web wallet asking not to send funds directly to an exchange account.

Here is what any exchange needs to do in such a case (although not sure how much flexibility the support executives have to execute this):

  • Assuming the exchange support executive has access to the account’s private keys, they can transfer the funds from their account on Matic to your (the user’s) address on Matic.

Note: Please don’t send funds directly to exchanges that support only Ethereum you have to first withdraw from Matic to Ethereum and then send it to your exchange address


Nivetha R
Polygon Support