Wrong money transfer

hi. my name is hasan demiröz. I transferred a wrong party last night. 0x89787d87102a38851b02dde390c3bdaa51575e25 This address is the polygonscan address. Txhash 0xbe809b69a3135e2345b1eec627334833c93d8e0c6a507f7c6217d93fa69a383a review the process. I did not want to send to this address. but I accidentally copied this address.

0x4f5eb65e8597Aa50D7c9Fc1Baf66Fe14e0D241Bf this is my metamask address. please help me and send my money back.
This is the transfer I made. 100324 bloktopia. send money back to kucoin exchange, or send it to my metamask.

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Nice to meet you. :slightly_smiling_face:
polygon is a public chain.

So it is very difficult to say, but it is difficult for anyone to undo an operation once it is done. If you do, it will be a serious problem for all participants regarding trust.
We recommend that you test your transfers to make sure that you have the correct address, and that you still keep checking.

I’ve already tested it many times. It’s been 4 days. money did not come.

If you have made a mistake in the address, unfortunately it cannot be undone.

There is no error in the address. I just sent my money to polygonscam address. Check the documents I sent. The address I sent is not my address. Polygonscam official address. so my money is there. ie polygonscam too. please send my money back. Please

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this is my real address : 0x4f5eb65e8597Aa50D7c9Fc1Baf66Fe14e0D241Bf

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