Withdrawal transaction stuck

I have been trying to unblock my coins for 3 days, transaction arrived at checkpoint, but withdrawal cannot get through with an “Oops our servers stumbled somewhere” message
I tried 3 time to “Continue” and burned over $200 in gas for nothing!

I submitted a ticket yesterday and another one today, but cannot sign up/login for a support account to check their status… different errors just keep popping up.

Please do something, that’s really disturbing at this point.

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Well, that’s another strange thing. The only thing I’ve got after submitting a ticket is a “Your ticket was submitted” popup notice . No number, no email confirmation.
Then, when I try to sign up to the support platform, I see that my email is already used. So I go and ask for a password reset and I get a “You are not authorised to access this portal. Kindly contact your helpdesk administrator.” message.
It’s like being shut out from everywhere.

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I’m sorry, but the live chat person gave me the link that led me to the “import wallet” page that asked for my seed! Are you serious?
My wallet is well connected to Polygon, I have successfully transferred other coins in the past… I will validate anything from Metamask to unblock my coins, but giving the seed is too much.

BTW when I asked for a support desk email, the person in live just just ended it all and disconnected.

So it’s the 4th days without my funds. I really need something to be done at this point. Please send me an email of a person that can help me.