Which snapshot to use?

Hi! I am planning to run polygon full node as well. So for this I was planning to use erigon client with pruning with bor-mainnet as chain.
So which of the following snapshot to use?
Thanks in advance! The sizes of the two aren’t that different(since one is full and one is archive) so thats why got a bit confused!

Hi Aman,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Yes, you can run Erigon Client with the Full Node but we don’t have any snapshots.

The only way to do this is to sync from the genesis block.

The usecase of the first snapshot is for the normal bor and the other snapshot is for Erigon-based archive nodes.

Both those snapshots wouldn’t fit your needs.

Hey Thanks! Just an add on question, How much time would it take for full node(erigon) to sync approx?

@aman07 This completely depends upon the Infra and IOPS.

Adding to that Polygon Team doesn’t run any Erigon-based Full Nodes so we couldn’t exactly commit to a time frame.