What to mention in place of 'chain' on Tx declaration for polygon testnet?

I have working code for ethereum signed transaction with ropsten test net, now i deployed same project and trying to interact with below code but i am facing problems

var Tx = require(‘ethereumjs-tx’).Transaction;
var privateKey = Buffer.from(‘e331b6d69882b4cb4ea581d88e0b604039a3de5967688d3dcffdd2270c0fd109’, ‘hex’);

var rawTx = {
nonce: ‘0x00’,
gasPrice: ‘0x09184e72a000’,
gasLimit: ‘0x2710’,
to: ‘0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000’,
value: ‘0x00’,
data: ‘0x7f7465737432000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000600057’

var tx = new Tx(rawTx, {‘chain’:‘ropsten’});

var serializedTx = tx.serialize();

web3.eth.sendSignedTransaction(‘0x’ + serializedTx.toString(‘hex’))
.on(‘receipt’, console.log);

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solved the problem
Thanks for your suggestion @Annie_MaticDev

but no one responded in chat

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What you do i am also facing same issue

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Hi @Priyanshu_Vijay I will suggest you contact matic support, a representative from Matic will further escalate this issue via the live chat support. Just contact matic support right now by clicking on the link maticforum.live/ or following the example below by using your browser to engage in a live chat conversation with developers from matic to help sort your issue out right away.

what did you mention in place of chain?