What do you think about cross chain symbiosis? I want to invest in this coin

This is a cross-chain that will work with a very large number of blockchains. I know that they have already entered into official partnerships with polygon and several other blockchains (about 8 in anonce)

I’ll explain why he interested me:

  1. the token is at an early stage, the mainnet will be available only in February, at the moment the testnet stage
  2. now there is a very small full capitalization of ~ $200kk. Other cross chains have full capitalization from $2kk!
  3. Very well-known funds have invested money in them
  4. A lot of partnerships even before the launch of the project. They plan to work as a third-party service on the hotbit/bybit/huobi exchange (but maybe I misunderstood) and in the blohaincom crypto wallet
  5. This is the only cross chain that will work with nft.

I really liked the fifth point very much. Now all blockchains are launching the opportunity to work with nft, so such a cross chain will be in demand, for example, to sell nft with polygon on a platform that works only with bsc (for example, on binance)

What do you think, will such a project grow? Would you use a cross-chain for nft? Is it worth investing a large amount in them? (I plan $40-50k)