WETH withdrawn by an unknown contract , after I used rubic exchange bridge!

Can someone please help me with this !

I transferred my eth from BSC to polygon net using rubic exchange cross Chain bridge .

I seem to have received it in my metmask wallet , but I couldn’t use any of it ! , Kept giving insufficient funds error ! In metamask … , And Matic web wallet giving errors like :

Non-200 status code: '403 [“message”:“Forbidden”}
Wrong response id “2092805242” (expected: “22”) in{"jsonrpc

I opened a support ticket with rubic , but they are yet to respond !

A couple of hours later , some address interacting with this unknown contract , seems to have withdrawn it all from my wallet ! , Here is the TXid please :

Can you please help me retrieve it from this contract and its reciever !?

Much appreciated please :pray:t3: