Web 3 Game The Mines with Living Asset NFT based on Polygon

Hey everyone! :mega:

We’re thrilled to share our Blockchain Game Project, “The Mines,” developed right here in Brussels. :video_game:

Our goal is to drive mass adoption of Web3 through an innovative gaming experience in the Blockchain Universe. You have 10’ a day to become a miner, wield your pickaxe, and collect nodes to validate mines. :gem::pick:

That’s not all! We offer seamless wallet integration, making the game accessible to all. Plus, we’ve leveraged the Living Asset technology, developed by our partner Freeverse on a Layer2 Polygon, to create even more fun and be able to mint millions of NFTs for free.

Join our ongoing Contest showcasing our alpha version, where the top miners can win 99 exclusive NFTs. Play here : https://themines.io (desktop) :sparkles: and let’s make this a Web3 success story!


In the depths of the CryptoMines, a mythical metaverse rumored to be created by the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto, lies the key to unlocking the secrets of the perfect blockchain. Few years after the creation of Bitcoin, Satoshi vanished from the public eye, leaving behind whispers of a hidden code that could solve the Blockchain’s Trilemma.

As the legend goes, three powerful corporations have successfully forged a gateway into Satoshi’s Metaverse and discovered traces of his activities within the sprawling CryptoMines. Eager to harness the power of the perfect blockchain, these corporations now vie for supremacy, each seeking to discover the secret of the Blockchain’s Trilemma.

However, the path to enlightenment is treacherous and filled with formidable challenges. Within the CryptoMines, you will encounter the most perilous adversaries, manifestations of the very pitfalls and dangers that plague the blockchain. These trials will push you to the limits of your abilities, testing your skills, resilience, and strategic thinking.

Beware the watchful gaze of the Cypherpunks, the enigmatic guardians of the code. They stand as both protectors and judges, ever vigilant to ensure that only the worthy can unravel the mysteries within the CryptoMines. Earn their respect, and you may gain their invaluable guidance and assistance on your quest.

But as you delve deeper into this digital labyrinth, remember to monitor your MetaOxygen levels. The air in the CryptoMines is tainted with toxicity, requiring you to manage your resources wisely and stay one step ahead of suffocation.

Choose your corporation wisely, for each offers unique advantages in your pursuit of the perfect blockchain. Will you align with the Corporation of Security, wielding sheer force and impenetrable defenses? Or will you join the ranks of the Corporation of Decentralization, mastering the art of precision strikes and versatile tactics? Alternatively, the Corporation of Scalability beckons those who crave speed and agility, striking swiftly and leaving their mark.

Prepare to embark on an epic journey through the CryptoMines, where destiny awaits those who dare to challenge the status quo and reshape the world of blockchain. The path to the perfect blockchain is riddled with danger, but the rewards are immeasurable. The fate of the digital realm lies in your hands.


  • Conceptualization and Development (Completed):

    • Ideation and concept development for “The Mines” game.
    • Research and exploration of Web3 and blockchain technology integration.
    • Formation of the development team and initial project planning.
  • Alpha Version (launched 6/6/2023):

    • Development of the alpha version of “The Mines” game.
    • Implementation of core gameplay mechanics and initial integration of living asset technology.
    • Testing and iteration based on feedback from internal team and selected testers.
  • Contest Launch and NFT Genesis Distribution (During Alpha):

    • Launching a contest during the alpha phase to generate interest and promote “The Mines” game.
    • Offering 99 unique NFT Genesis rewards to winners of the contest.
    • Showcasing the initial implementation of living asset technology, allowing players to shape the story of their NFTs through their actions.
  • Beta Version (january 2024):

    • Release of the beta version of “The Mines” game to a wider audience, owner of Genesis NFT.
    • Gathering feedback and conducting extensive playtesting.
    • Fine-tuning gameplay, balancing mechanics, and addressing any issues or bugs.
  • Marketing and Community Engagement:

    • Implementing marketing strategies to reach a broader audience.
    • Collaborating with influencers, streamers, and communities to spread awareness.
    • Hosting events, giveaways, and engaging with the community to foster active participation.
  • Continued Development and Refinement:

    • Collecting feedback from players and the community to improve the game.
    • Iterating on gameplay mechanics, adding new features, and expanding content.
    • Optimizing performance, stability, and user experience based on user feedback.
  • Final Release and Beyond (2024):

    • Releasing the final version of “The Mines” game with polished gameplay and enhanced features.
    • Celebrating the official launch and engaging with players to ensure their satisfaction.
    • Continuing to support and update the game based on player feedback and evolving trends in the Web3 and blockchain space.
  • Future Expansion and Growth:

    • Exploring opportunities for expansion, including additional game modes, in-game events, and collaborations.
    • Expanding the player base and community through ongoing marketing efforts.
    • Evaluating potential partnerships, investment opportunities, and exploring new avenues for growth.

Please note that the roadmap is subject to change as we adapt to player feedback and market dynamics. We are committed to delivering an immersive and engaging gaming experience that leverages the power of Web3 and blockchain technology.