WaveMint - A next-gen NFT marketplace that goes beyond transactional to offer token-gated ecosystems full of experiences, connections, and VIP perks

WaveMint - Experience Beyond Ownership

Main Use Case

Join WaveMint for a seamless Web3 experience—from crafting NFT collections for clubs, artists, and brands to minting and buying NFTs that unlock real-life benefits. Whether you’re a club an iconic artist or brand, you can create and engage with our easy-to-use platform and your community.

Dive into WaveMint today to experience a new era of community NFTs.

To get a deeper understanding of WaveMint, watch our WaveMint teaser video.

What Do We Want to Solve Thanks to This Project

  • Moving NFT ownership from purely transactional to experiential.
  • Providing a space where both creators and consumers can engage in more meaningful ways.
  • Bridging the gap between digital asset ownership and real-world experiences.

Why WaveMint?

  • Unified Platform: We offer a marketplace catering to artists, nightclubs, brands, and VIP communities.
  • Real-World Utility: Our token-gating system facilitates physical venue access, exclusive experiences, community interactions, events and unique benefits.
  • Streamlined Experience: Seamless creation, minting, and trading of NFTs, all while enhancing real-world perks and community engagement.

Presentation of the Team

  • Bart Broothaerts: Co-founder and CEO/CTO
  • Rogier van den Brande: Co-Founder and Business Development
  • Amaury Verelst: Co-Founder Strategy and Business Development
  • Yannick Hannes: Co-Founder and Product Manager


  • October 2023: Early access referral program
  • November 2023: Beta launch, WaveMinters collection, Club Versuz collection, Seed round
  • December 2023: Public launch and onboarding of key creators
  • January 2023: Integration of additional blockchain networks (polygon)

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Experience Beyond Ownership

Don’t just own, experience. Join our Early Access Referral Program and become a VIP member of the WaveMint community!

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If you’re interested in partnering with us or learning more, feel free to get in touch.

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