W3dding - the dApp to get married on Polygon

W3dding is a dApp with a completely decentralized backend, that allows users to get married on the blockchain or in simple words to conduct an Agreement of Love & Loyalty and mint a Soul Bound Token Certificate for both partners in love (non-transferable ERC1155 NFT). We believe that the future of Web3.0 and its mass adoption will happen in the mobile sphere, therefore we have focused not only on building our own product but also on sharing our solutions with the community. We aim to bring value to our brothers and sisters in arms because we ourselves are dedicated members of the crypto BUIDLers community. Therefore we have fixed Wallet Connect libraries and have shared them with everyone by posting them on Github and writing an article on Medium about that link. Our other tech articles and our repositories can be found in our Pitch Deck link.

Also, we believe, that Agreements between humans for real-life use cases in the future are all going to be conducted on the blockchain and we decided to take a step towards its implementation. We have many great ideas, that could improve the relationship of a couple, i.e. we thought about allowing our users in the future to build a family DAO and get prepared for pregnancy by “playing” future parents and minting an Embryo Tamagochi NFT and taking care of it together. We have named that concept Love2Grow. We believe, that Love will save the world at the end of the day, Love powered by Web3.0 technologies.

App Store: ‎W3dding on the App Store

Pitch Deck: https://www.canva.com/design/DAFDsxbfru0/jSF6bLsoPbytTzlMusJ53w/view

Demo Video: W3dding dApp - Get married on Polygon Blockchain - YouTube

Twitter: https://twitter.com/w3dding_io

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This DApp idea is so cool! Let’s Create a Web3.0 Future Together :fire: :fire: :fire:

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