Verida - a self-sovereign decentralized database network

Hi everyone, I am Ryan, COO and Cofounder at Verida.

Verida is a a private self-sovereign decentralized database network.

The web3 tech stack is nascent and lacks infrastructure for feature-rich applications that can compete with web2. While blockchain technology brings decentralized computation, and IPFS brings decentralized public data storage, an end-to-end tech stack also requires identity, authentication, messaging, and encrypted personal data storage. Verida addresses this by allowing users to control their data, freeing custody from centralized platforms, and enabling cross-platform access to user data.

One of Verida’s key features is its global, yet region-aware design. It empowers users to control their data storage location in accordance with their geographic preference and regulatory needs. By default, the Verida Wallet selects storage nodes in the user’s country or region, ensuring regulatory compliance. Users, however, have the freedom to change these nodes or even host their own, allowing for true data sovereignty.

The Verida network is a self-sovereign “user-pays” model that provides a sustainable economic flywheel. It maximizes the geographical distribution of storage nodes, and the availability and security of data stored, on and across the network, while incentivizing early adoption to bootstrap the network. Check out our Missions app to participate in our incentivised testnet -

We’re deployed on Polygon PoS for our DID registry and working closely with the Polygon ID team where we support Polygon ID zk credentials in our Verida Wallet (iOS and Android).

Please check out more about Verida with the following links.

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