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VXG is a Play-to-Earn platform that enables game devs, content creators, and players to monetize their skills. We believe in a world where everyone is rewarded according to their contributions and abilities. Venture X Gaming allows game developers to implement games, content creators can create private gaming pools to play with their community, and players to compete in different games with various buy-ins.

Players only need a dollar and a controller.

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Project Description

Traditional eSports or P2E is far from perfect. One of the underdeveloped areas is skill monetization.

Players, Game Devs, and Content Creators do not have access to a reliable & secure platform, accessible stakes according to their risk tolerance, and a platform to implement their creations, play games, or stream using reliable web3 games. In sum, we found that:

  • Esports or P2E players have a hard time monetizing skills and time playing a game in the long run.

  • Streamers give up to 40% in fees to Youtube or Twitch in every donation their community makes.

  • Game Developers create playable games but unsustainable economies and do not earn from their creations.

With VXG, the Esports & P2E ecosystem meet a sustainable framework that is reliable and reward-oriented. It benefits the work of game developers by seamlessly integrating their games into a feasible economy through our API while earning match fees in stablecoins.

Content creators have an opportunity to leverage their audience by creating private gaming pools and interacting directly with the viewers. In private gaming pools, they earn match fees, viewer donations have lower fees, and Play vs Streamer mode auctions.

Esports or P2E players get a chance to earn stablecoins playing reliable games, based on their skill. The monetization layer VXG offers to the players is secure, it has risk management to benefit players’ bankroll and guarantees rewards even losing a match.

We currently have an average of 42 MAU in Mumbai testnet playing the game (Chess) we choose for our PoC. Our projections include variables such as N of Games, Devices, and Game Mode.
For the launch, with two games (Chess + CS: GO), we aim to host 6000 monthly matches, the WAU is 400.

Project Roadmap / Strategy

The Big Bang phase is ending and close to the VXG Alpha launch. In this phase, our interest is to grow the community base, the awareness of our P2E framework, and reward the community as much as possible for their contributions to VXG. The strategy behind this rationale is:

  • Create a Team of streamers, players that represent VXG and share with their community sessions playing in VXG
  • Gaming pool matches with guaranteed prize pools
  • Dual or Triple incentives (Match Prize, Rakeback, $VXG)
  • Happy hours that reward users with 2x Rakeback
  • Partner with Gaming Guilds, Content Creators and Game Studios/Devs
  • Daily streaming by the VXG Ambassadors
  • Refer a friend + Signup Bonus
  • Freerolls to win stable coins

Project Team Members

Carlos Simões - Founder & Biz - Founder of VXG, has over four years of managing successful projects (50M+ USD) in a large Oil & Gas company leading R&D Cyber Security digital transformation, Software Development, and IT projects and teams.

Czar102 - Co-Founder & Solidity Dev - Special interest in Mathematics and Programming Languages (Solidity, C, C++) that translates to solving daily problems combining both interests. He is a warden in Code4rena with over 20K USD received in bounties.

Sam Miorelli - Co-Founder & Legal - Experience includes functional management of contract managers, as well as M&A due diligence and post-closure integration work on several deals worth over $1B.

Márcio Silva - Co-Founder & Web Design - Has a passion for graphic design and bringing complex ideas into simple UI/UX. Lectured in UBI (Universidade Beira do Interior) and owns a graphic design & 3D studio, Do.

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